5.56/.223 ammo suggestions?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by lehill66, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. lehill66

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    Hi all - I'm looking for a few suggestions on cheap 5.56/.223 ammunition to use in my AR. I have typically been using American Eagle Tactical, which is about .38 cents a round. I'd love it if I could get some DECENT ammo for around the .28-.30 cents per round. (also, I'm not interested in re-loading at this point in time). So i want something around that price that is still going to be dependable. Wolf ammo is definitely cheap, but from the other reviews on Wolf ammo, does not seem to be good at all as everyone experiences misfires every 5-6 rounds. How about MBI (Military Ballistics Industries)? Brass casing, boxed primer. I can't seem to find many online reviews about this product though. Anyone have any experience with this brand of ammo?

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Car54

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    I don't use Wolf myself but I know a lot of users and they have not experienced any problems with Wolf.

    I use AE, PMC Bronze, Federal bulk. Buy it by the case of 1k and it usually averages out to .30 cents a round, then save the brass and sell it to a reloader.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    I've shot Wolf,and other brands of steel caased ammo out of all of my 223's for many years with absolutely no problems.

    Most people that have problems with Wolf were shooting the old style Laquer coated cases,and didn't clean their guns like they should when shooting that type of ammo.I probably have 10k rds of Wolf stocked up in ammo cans.
  4. jpattersonnh

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    PMC bronze is very good. I see on sale online quite often. At least you get good reloadable brass.
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    I tried Tula ammo once in a barrel with less than 500 rounds through it. Cleaned right after the previous range trip, and I was getting FTE after 100 rounds. GARBAGE. Tula is another name for Wolf. Kind of like American Eagle is Federal. I stick with nothing but American Eagle now and I'm saving all the brass for when I get reloading equipment.
  6. ktmboyz

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    I have fired thousands of rounds of, wolf-tula- herters- its all the same thing. I went to a combative carbine coarse and shot over 800 rounds in 4 hours w/o one failure. Most people bash it, and yes its not the most accurate but for punching holes in paper it works just fine as long as you clean you rifle when you are done.

    Although the more of you that dont buy it the price will stay down, so you should really stay away from it. :p