4th Trip Getting better, shaky hands + 40 Year Ammo

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    Just completed my fourth trip to the range... with our new Sig Mosquito...

    I have been pretty happy with the gun..
    I have been shooting CCI Mini Mags fresh off the shelf locally.

    No Jams
    No FTEs
    A few FT feed because of my loading of the mag
    A few FT fire... but rotate the round and it fires the next time..

    This weekend.. I went to test out some 41 year old CCI MM I got a deal on.

    Not one Failure to fire in 200 rounds..
    I did get my first failure to feeds and one stove pipe...

    Swapped out the heavy spring for the lighter spring and the gun was flawless for the next 200 rnds both new and 40 year old CCI MMs.

    I am enjoying the process of learning to care for and manage the gun.

    As to me.. the first time out.. when I was able to take my wife.. too..
    I was happy to be in 12 inch [edit] area...mostly.

    Yesterday.. I was shooting oval targets typically at a rate of one shot every second or less.. 6x8 inch... and easily placing 20 rounds all in the target.. at 7 yards.. and at 10 yards I would get 9 out of 10..
    Even did some practice ... where I would alternate two ovals every two shots.. at the same rate.. and still keep them all in the dark..

    So feeling pretty good... about my my progress...

    I was going to try out the cheap laser sight (mostly for my wife..at home) problem is it was like a laser light show with the red dot dancing... I have shaky hands. I didn't want to advertise that.....always have has a bit of a shake...which is why 6 inch wide patterns makes me pretty happy.
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