460 rowland loading

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    just got done loading 100 rounds for the 460 this afternoon. very very easy cartridge to load for. all your dies can pretty much be left set for 45acp except the case mouth bell and crimp. your seating die doesnt need to be changed nor does your sizing decap die.

    i loaded up 100 rounds under 11grain charge of hodgden longshot there is plenty of case capacity for max loads if you choose to go there. primer cci large pistol primers 230 grn fmj oal of 1.270. max listed load i have for that powder is 12grn.

    according to ccg the bullets will set back if you rechamber them multiple times. i took one round cycled it 10 times letting the slide slam closed no setback maintained 1.270. i currently have the 24# spring installed. factory ammo may differ. i barely bell the case mouths just enough to prevent bullet shaving.

    going to shoot it first time tommorrow.
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    Jon, setback is a real issue with Georgia Arms factory loads!

    This is a single chamber on one of their rounds;


    Glad to hear your reloading process eliminates this problem.

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    Factory ammo they expand the case mouth a lot then only crimp the rim of the case. You will get setback in regular 45acp as well. Expanding just the rim increases pressure just a bit but leaves you with very secure rounds. Its something I picked up from loading 458winmag. So I stay well away from max loads.

    I measure my sd rounds often looking for set back when I have to unload them.

    After today's first go with the 460 I'm gonna not use hodgden longshot again that stuff was filthy. Had all sorts of unburnt powder and residue pelting me in the face. Not even my de is that abusive in the debris area.