.460 Rowland conversion

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by mes227, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I just ordered a drop-in kit from Clark Custom, should arrive before the weekend. This is going in a Kimber Classic Royal (series I). Does anyone have any suggestions to offer before I install and use the kit?

    Yes, I know, it's almost a wildcat ctg and hard to find rounds (I have a tonne of ammo to feed my Dan Wesson .460Rowland revolver, and my son reloads). And I expect it to be a handful (I like recoil, for reasons I can't articulate - love my .44Mag and .41Mag, as well as the .480Ruger, .454Casull and .460S&W Mag). I don't expect it'll get as much range time as the .45acp, but I have 4 1911s & 4 revolvers in .45acp (and 1911s in 9mm and .22LR) so wanted something different.
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    Well don't tell anyone but the comp on the CCG kit does such a good job that us recoil-junkies can sometimes be disappointed! This set-up is a true "one-shot-stop" hand cannon and a great hog-popper! It has .44 mag energy in a 10 round autoloader!


    Here's the link to the build-off;

    Big Thunder II Vs. Fenrir: The 1911 .460 Rowland Build Off

    [​IMG] The FENRIR .460 Rowland .... done the Canebrake way!