.45Magnum is it a Excellent Round & what is the difference between the .45 Long Colt

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    I have always wondered is the .45Magnum Round One of the Most Powerful rounds out there? What is the Difference between the .45 Long Colt and the .45Mag round?????

    I assume the .45Mag is just a longer version of the .45acp am i right?
    I wish my 1911 would take .45Mag hahahahahahahaha.
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    At one time, the .45 Winchester Magnum WAS the most powerful pistol cartridge. No more.

    .45 Winchester Magnum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Trying to fire a .45 Win Mag in a 1911A1 would- as Dirty Harry would say- "blow your head clean off". .45 ACP- about 400 ft lbs. .45 Magnum- about 1000 ft lbs.

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    I think the most powerful handgun round out there now is the .600 nitro express. (could be wrong, but that thing will blow a hole through an elephant) As for the .45 mag 1911, the closest thing to that would be a desert eagle in .44 mag or .50AE or a LAR Grizzly in .45 mag.
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    It may not be quite as powerful as a .600 Nitro Express, but it does add some steam to the 1911 platform:

    .460 Rowland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    .460 Rowland

    It's on my to do list.
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    The .45 Winchester Magnum is a longer cased version of the .45ACP, by some 200 thousands inch (.200) and has the same diameter bullet. The Mag is loaded massively heavier than the ACP, pushing the same weight bullets at almost twice the velocity. Needless to say my 1911 blowback action would not fair well with these kinds of pressures.
    The .45 Colt or as you have it listed 45 Long Colt, is an original classic black powder round. The bore diameter has changed over the years and is now set at .454 inches, older ones are larger. Add to this that the original 'COPPER' cases were what is called 'Balloon' heads. The casing was mashed in upon itself to create the rim (think of .22 RF cases). This gave a little more space in the cartridge and made it much weaker than the current solid head design. The balloon head continued after cases started being made in brass. (If you find any balloon head brass, collectors will want it) All commercial loadings have to be concerned with the possibility of their newly manufactured ammo being fired in an original or reproduction weapon that was made for these much lower pressured black powder loading or smokeless equivalents. Thus the full potential of the .45 Colt will never be reached with commercial loadings.
    All weapons will have a weakness or two or three. The classic Colt SSA has several but with proper ammunition will shoot very well (if you don't like anything more than a gully down the top strap for a rear site). The .45 Colt is not a Magnum round. The .45 Winchester Mag is.

    I hope my long winded babble helped a little.

    Enjoy and be safe.

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    Oldpapps- excellent post.

    Most powerful? Maadi reportedly made at least one bolt action pistol in caliber .50 BMG.

    Why they did that I have NO idea.