.45ACP bullet head size

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    Ok for some reason i cannot get a straight answer outta LGS on this one. Either tht or im lookin at stuff i wanna buy while there talking.
    Ive been lookin for bullets now forawile ,ofcourse and everybody is out of straight up ACP, which i believe is .451"

    I understand theres also.45 LC out there also,but on the box its just marked .45 with a grain weight.

    Now heres the ?, If it says on the box .45 .451", can i use it? And the same goes for .452" which ive heard thats also possible but the max.

    Im seriously thinkin bout getn a lil meltin pot and a mold. How does non-jacketed stuff do? im not shootin competiton,just plinkin.
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    If the bullets say 45colt do not use them for 45acp even though they are .451-2. The problem is 45 colt bullets have a different ogive (rounded part of the bullet) that can be over long for the 45acp chamber and are often much heavier in the 250-255 grain range.

    Bullets marked 45 colt 200grains and lighter should be fine for use in a 45acp

    Lead bullets work great in 45acp. The cartridge was the evolution of the 45colt and schofield and originally designed to use lead unjacketed bullets
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    It depends on the shape of the bullet. I have some lead bullets that I pour myself that are too long for the 45acp. But I also pour a 255 grain .452 round nose flat point. I use those in my 1911 quite often. I sometimes use them for IDPA competition. They work flawlessly for me.
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    .451-.452 bullets are correct for the .45 ACP. It is also correct for the newer (post WW II) .45 Colt (most). Bullets as heavy as 260 might be usable in the ACP, but loading data is scarce. Normal ACP bullets are 185-230 grain.
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    Get a 4 cavity mold and pour your own.:)