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Just for s and giggles. Why do I need to pay you more for making your life a little easier?

I would think of buying the brass but not if it means that I have to pay more for one form of payment over another.

If I send you a check you then have to drive to the bank deposit the check then wait until the check clears the bank before driving back to the post office to drop off the package.

If I pay with pay pal you don't have to drive to the bank and wait for the check to clear you can print your postage right at home. tape it to the box and even set up a pick up at your home. So by me paying with pay pal I am saving you money in gas and wear and tear on your car or truck. But your going to charge me more. Stores don't charge you more to pay with a credit card do they? No.

that would be like a mobile computer repair tech to charge you more when he purchased a van over the smaller car he was using to come fix computers. Don't make any since to me.

Sorry for the rant in the wrong forum. It just ticks me off to see this happening. You chose to use the form of payment you should deal with the reduced profit.

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To make this real simple

1. My wife works at a bank
2. check other sites and what they charge for all Win, it is built into the price.
3. the site below is $80 per 1000 all winchester
4. my profit margin is not as high as others visit site below
5. I do not wait on check to clear most gun people are very honest I have had many from this site all good for their money as I am for my brass
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