450 ft to shoot in Michigan

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    On Friday we were all shooting after the storm that came through for about an hour and a half before to state police vehicles pulled into the driveway.
    They had got a complaint for the next door neighbor that we had been shooting all day long and in danger in her life.
    A little background this lady next to my in laws has been complaining about everybody on the block for whatever they do and my wife's family have been shooting for over 30 years in their backyard even share a SIM card out from her complaining and turned away tell inner that she has no rights they can shoot.
    The lady next door finally that's the police involved who came out very nice talk to us about everything and you stay laser sight to measure where we're shooting from to any structure after doing their survey they informed us that the barn that sits in the middle of the neighbors property was only 200 something feat and that we will not be able to shoot from where we're at anymore.
    The police officers let us know that they can only in force state law not city law which had no problem before but now that they've been called out they have been forced the state law.

    They suggested to us that if we know the neighbors right behind us and they don't mine move where we shoot from into their area and shoot when you're 450 feet and then she can say nothing if you get permission from the neighbor Street in back of you.

    We are currently looking into this also the state police were pretty cool they sit and talk to us for about an hour and a half a check out everybody's weapons and said they would love to come out and shoot here too.

    They were mostly impressed with my POF AR15 they loved it but made fun of my hologram scope which is only about $100. They said why would you have such a fantastic gun and a crappy scope it doesn't make sense I let him know that I have the proper tactical scope coming but I needed something to line up in shooting before it came in.
    All in all it was a great day for shooting after the storms went through and we learned a lesson 450 feet of any building is the law and you can shoot.
    Do not know if this is summer lawns in other states but this is the law by the state of Michigan given down to the State Police.
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    Different strokes for different folks. I don't even know how it is here, because I use the sheriff's range (and JUST found out I don't have to pay anymore because I'm a vet), but I'm originally from Mississippi, and they have laws on total amount of land you must have to shoot on. I believe it tops out at 10 acres minimum for center fire rifles, but I don't have a clue if you have to be a certain distance from any structure, or if that required acreage has to be linear, or what. Never delved into it much, because my old home didn't have what I felt was a safe backstop to begin with. The backyard angled down into a big depression, with a hillside backing it, but the depression wasn't very deep, and there were two houses directly at the top of the hill.

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    Every state is different.

    Im sure your a smart guy and could grab the book of city and state ordanances on buildings and find something in there to complain about her violating some nanny statist law or regulation.... especially with barns and such
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    That's pretty typical. I had a similar incident with a county sheriff several years back. The rule was 300 feet from any occupied building. We were well outside those parameters, but he said he had to come by and check anyway. Supposedly the dispatcher told the complainant, "we'll check it out, but you do live in the country now. Shooting is something you'll have to get used to."
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    I handle dozens of shooting complaints every year and work in MI. I work closely with the DNR, State, County and local police and was a police officer long ago. However, I am NOT an attorney. Research what I have to say on your own to verify.

    The 450' rule is this: a hunter who is lawfully hunting may not discharge their weapon within 450' of an occupied dwelling without permission of the property owner.

    Key words above are "hunting" and "occupied dwelling". Were you hunting? Nope. The rule does not apply. Next you need to make sure you are target shooting on your own property and the projectile stays on your property with a proper back stop. Lastly, check local noise ordinances for anything that may restrict loud noises. Some are as vague as prohibiting any sounds that are a "nuisance" and some are as specific as db measurements and time of day. Most cities flat out prohibit discharging a firearm.
    Politely ask your neighbor if they would like to put up the money for a suppressor to reduce the sound and remind them that government inefficiency means an 8-10 month wait to obtain one.
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    Thanks for the information would like to talk to you more about this