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    I suspect this subject has been gone over in the past, but since I'm a newbie to the forum, I thought I'd ask. I'll appreciate any feedback from you guys on this. Thanx, jd45
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    At the price of ammo for that, would invest in some loading equipment if you don't have it. Have not seen a lot of this- was a wildcat only for some time.

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    Oh Boy! Did you ever hit a cord. I have used the 45 Super for a little while, and love it. (I learned about it from a poor soul on this site, before his mouth got him in trouble and therefore banned:(.) Even as I await to "upgrade" to the 460 Rowland, the Super remains my all time favorite. This is from someone who was hot-to-trot for the 10mm in the 90's, and a lover of the 44 Mag in the 80's. I have hopes for the 460, but worry that my experience will be like the 10mm/44 Mag - not worth the size/inconvience for returned performance. With the Super vs the Rowland there would be no barrel changes or anything else if changing to some +P rounds, and only a recoil spring/rod assembly for regular 45 loads.

    The 45 Super, in a properly but simple modified 1911, is a pleasure; it does not give me the horrendious recoil and blast of the others, but I am rewarded knowing the impact on target is satisfying. I can not foresee carrying a 460 with its comp as a carry weapon (Canebrake likes to tease the ladies by carring his in his speedo while skateboarding :eek:) (Lord - what a visual!), but have and do carry a 5" government model concealed in a Galco shoulder holster with ease (I am over 6', 300 lbs).

    I do not reload, so I am dependent on ammo companies, like Buffalo Bore, to supply my needs. Tim Sandles of Buffalo Bore currently loads his 45 Super with Mountain Gold bullets, but has told me that when available, he will again use loads like the Gold Dot and others. I have had many telephone conversations with Garey Hindeman of Ace Custom about what he does to convert a 1911 to safety fire the 45 Super. Sadly, after these conversations, and reading MANY different articles about what is necessary, I believe he is overselling what is necessary. Perhaps necessary for a very old, ex-military and/or foreign make, much of what he asks for is not necessary in current, modern manufacturers products.

    Lastly, the arguement of a fully supported barrel does not apply to the Super, as the brass is much different than either the standard 45 ACP, or even the +P brass. The web (internal) area of the Super brass, by Star Line, is much thicker and stronger than either of those. Tim (Buffalo Bore) told me that he gets his velocity at only 21k PSI using manufacturer's only powder/primers! Think about the pressure the 38 Super generates and has done so for 8 decades!

    45 Super? YES; go for it and enjoy the heck out of a fantastic load! :D
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