45 Colt target load

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  1. h8dirt

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    I am in the process of working up a mild but accurate load for my 4 3/4" USFA SAA in 45 Colt. I am starting with a 200 gr. Laser Cast RNFP bullet. I have Trail Boss, Titegroup, Clays and Bullseye on hand. I would really appreciate any experience you may have using this bullet in combination with these powders. Or, if you have another suggestion that, in your experience is better, that's great, too. Of course, I will independently confirm data via published loading manuals. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Catfish

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    For cast target loads I`ve always used Bullseye in all calibers. I use 6 gr. behind a 240 gr. bullet in the 44 mag. With the 45 I would start with 5 gr. with a 200 gr. bullet. Should be 800 to 900 fps. I would guess and little recoil.

  3. stalkingbear

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    I use Unique or clays in my cast bullet loads. The nice thing about trailboss is it's almost impossible to overcharge the case. Unique is somewhat cleaner burning than it used to be but still slightly dirty. Clays is clean burning and will serve you well. I don't like bullseye.
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    I use Titegroup on all my 45 Colt loads.
    You have to pay attention when using Titegroup,it is very easy to double charge a case if your not.
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    I've gotten good accuracy with Alliant Power Pistol in my .45 Colt SA loads, but it was with 250gr bullets & 8.5 to 9.0grs. You might call Alliant & talk to their ballistician for a recommendation on lighter bullet & charge weights for your target loads. BTW, I'd LOVE to get another USFA SA, but things being as they are, I'll probably have to settle for a Rodeo, rather than the Premium grade SA I used to have. The internals are the same, tho, that's what counts. jd45