.45 Colt Loads for heavy bullets

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    I've been looking for standard "under 14,000" pressure loads for the .45 colt with heavy bullets and not having much luck. I would like to try 300 grain,325 grain and 350 grain bullets in my 1973 Uberti Lever action and need loads that are under 14,000 SAAMI. All the data I've read is for the "Ruger only" and nothing I've seen drops low enough for my needs. I hate to just reduce the loads and just guess. Does anyone know where such information may exist. The 1-16 twist of the Uberti seems so fast I would like to experiment a bit with heavy bullets to see if they shoot better then the 250 grain standard bullet. :confused:
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    Hodgdon's lists three loads with a 300gr Sierra...
    10.0gr HS-6
    7.3gr Universal
    5.8gr Titegroup
    These are listed as producing under 14 kpsi. I'd look at the RCBS 45-270-SAA. It can reach 950 fps in a 5.5" revolver without exceeding 14 kpsi using a variety of powders. Check your PM.