.45 auto different rim thickness?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by DaJudge, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. DaJudge

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    While sizing a bunch of 45 auto brass today I found a case (R-P) that wouldn't go into the shell holder. I tried another brand of shell holder...still no-go. I inspected the case for the obvious ejector gouge or other damage and found nothing. I did notice the rim seemed thicker than normal. Indeed when I miked it out it was .065". Other R-P cases with the same head stamp from my stash miked out at .043 - .045". Anybody ever seen this before? Could it be a mistake that slipped by Remington quality control or is this case designed for a different application?
  2. Gatekeeper

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    I have noticed a few that didn't fit properly before, usually its a gouge or a burr caused by extractor, but I've seen a couple that appeared to have a thick rim.
    I have found a few (45's and 223's) that didn't want to fit under the shellholder of my Progressive press, after a quick inspection without finding an obvious burr or easy fix, I chalk it up as a out of spec case and just chuck them in the scrap bucket.

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  3. J T Patriot

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    Yeah, some are thicker than others but almost all will fit.
  4. TXnorton

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    I find brass with thicker rims in several calibers, but I have not yet seen this issue in any .45 ACP. Usually I see this in .223/.556 .308/7.62 or other semi "military" ammo.

    What I find is that in a batch of (range pick-up brass) I will end up with a wide assortment of manufacturer's brass. I clean them and then sort them by headstamp for re-loading. When sizing in my single stage press I occasionally find that some of the cases will not readily slide into the shell holder.

    Usually this ill-fitting brass is made PMC or some other foreign outfit. As all of the new (to me) brass I get is free (range pick-ups) I shxt can the ones that resist going easily into the shell holder.
  5. spittinfire

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    Never noticed much difference in the rim thickness. The only problems I've had were burs from the extractor like gate mentioned. I think I would just toss it and move on.

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  6. cpttango30

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    It happens not sure how but it does. Just chuck that piece and go on about your business. or if you have a wilson case trimmer just turn it around and trim the rim thickness a little. I have done that before.
  7. patret

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    All brands of brass can have thickness problems. AMEC brass will not reload because of the thickness of the brass. Hats off to you in finding the problem. I have a junk brass coffee can for those problems.