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CCI Blazer

CCI Blazer is a good enough target load! I've fired about 500 rounds through my Ruger P345 .45 auto. Never had a misfire. :)

And, as I posted to another thread here, you can get it at most WalMarts for around $10 for 50. The price at the store here in Mobile is $9.57 and I luck out because my wife works there and I get 10% off. The best thing about it to me is, I think it is cleaner than even the Winchester or Remington. Wally World has both of those and slightly higher prices. The only problem with WalMart is that they only deal in target loads. If you want HP's or some other application loads, you'll have to go to a gun store or sporting good store.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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