.45 ACP High Point Carbine HD/Hunting?

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  1. WannaGator

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    I just bought a magazine written about Home Defense Rifles/Shotguns &Carry Pistols.

    Saw an article about a tactical .45 ACP High Point Carbine with a Red Dot scope,laser,flashlight and handle attachments looked good for $300-450 depending on goodies selected(except it only has a 9 round mag + 1 in the pipe).

    I am thinking loaded with 200 grain lead SWCs this might be a great "Hog Gun" or loaded with 230 grain JHPs might be a good Home Defense rifle.

    What do Ya'll think?
  2. Dillinger

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    I don't know about your part of the world, and I am by no means even a novice in this realm having gone ONE whole time, but I don't think .45ACP is enough round to be honest.

    I hit a Northern Kali "wild pig/boar" with my .308 and not only did it not drop, it started to charge the damn trucks. :eek:

    If it were me, I might think of something a little bigger and with more umph behind it depending on the size of the animals you have in your area.


  3. skullcrusher

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    I second JD's offering. Not to mention how close you will have to be to the hog for any kind of accurate shot. Close in and the right placement, sure it would probably work for hogs. Now account for a pizzed off mean creature and your adrenaline...I would not venture it.

    For HD, sure. Just fine, but longer than a pistol.
  4. Gojubrian

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    No. I did see a large hog killed with a .22magnum, but it took NINE close shots, all the while the hog was fighting three dogs off. :eek:

    Hogs are tough, thick skinned beasts!!
  5. shooter57

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    You should have no problems taking hogs with the carbine you're describing providing you use the right ammo and you can shoot strait. stay away from hollow point ammo and go with the large 255 grain hard cast lead rounds they make for .45acp or 230 grain fmj ball ammo as they tend to put holes in things.

    although I would never suggest this I've shot and killed wild hogs with both a navy .44 cap n ball pistol and a ruger 10/22 with a single head shot.
    shot placement is everything with wild hogs. a lot of old timers will say you need a high powered riffle to stop a large wild hog in it's tracks and this is true if you don't put one in the right place but From my experience anything with decent penetration will put a hog down with good shot placement and being that I do a lot of muzzle loader hunting I will tell you first hand that big bullets penetrate. most the horror stories I've heard involved small high velocity rounds like a .223 that hit a bone and fragment before they could reach a vital.
    I use a 54 cal Hawkins style muzzle loader with a 230 grain round ball and a very small charge producing just over 1200 fps for hunting because I find the smaller charges tend to be more accurate for me and although I do Cary a back up pistol I can tell you this load will drop any animal in north America if I do my part.
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  6. JonM

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    if you wanna go pretty cheap lever gun in 45-70 or 30-30. or a 12 ga pump with a slug barrel.

    minimum pistol caliber i would use on a hog would be a 44mag carbine of some sort. 45acp and 9mm just dont have enough ummph to reach the innards of a hog from any angle.

    since hogs have a tendancy to turn toward an aggressor and charge the thickest most armored part of the hog will be tween you and the vitals...

    up to you tho but i wouldnt do it.
  7. shooter57

    shooter57 New Member

    although I disagree with a 44mag out of a carbine as the smallest pistol round I would feel comfortable using (357 lever action carbine) I think a a 12 GA pump with a slug barrel is a much better inexpensive choice for hog hunting as well as home defense in the op's case.
  8. FaTmAn

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  9. shooter57

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    I agree with most of the info in the boar hunting tips link. hard cast is sooooooo much better for hogs with handgun rounds IMO. this is especially true in rounds like the .357 or 45lc.

    I remember shooting a truck rim long ways with buffalo bore 180 grain cast rounds in my 357 and they came very close to going all the way threw both sides of the rim. this is something my friends .223 didn’t even come close to and his 7.62x39 barely did................very impressive for a 357 out of a 7 inch barrel
  10. jeepejeep

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    I took a deer with my 4095 and she went less than 50 yards but a hog is totally different. They are tough buggers. If you really want to do this, as others said use something that will penetrate, no hollow points!
  11. pranc2

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    be ready to shoot that hog all the way to you is a real statement. although the .45acp doesnt have the speed it does have plenty of kinetic energy. but my .45acp is only a backup if the AK goes click..:D