.45 ACP - Cost Per Round

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Gloves, May 1, 2010.

  1. Gloves

    Gloves New Member

    I haven't bought my 1911 yet but, I just felt my feet getting a little cold.

    99% of my ammo is going to be shot at the range the other 1% will be
    spent fending off baddies and the undead during the coming zombie

    I went to look up some prices on of .45 ACP. Here are some of my

    Cheaper than Dirt:
    .45 ACP Remington Auto, JHP, 230 Grain, 25 Round Box Golden Saber ($1.06/round)
    .45 Auto+P Remington, JHP, 185 Grain, 25 Round Box Golden Saber ($1.07/round)

    They have like 2-3 options that are in stock.

    HOLY HELL! this sh*t is more expensive than the 12 Ga. Slug I
    shoot from the old Mossberg!!!

    Where I can get great cheap .45 ACP ammo? Is there a shortage? the
    10mm ammo seems to cost less than the .45 ACP. If i can't figure this
    out, I'm going to have to go back to looking at a 9mm pea-shooter. :(
  2. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Wally World (in my area) has 230 gr .45 Winchester for approx $33.00 for a box of 100. Save the expensive for when SHTF / carry.

  3. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    There's no denying a 45 is more pricey to shoot than a 9mm or even a 40. But I do feel a lot more comfortable with the 45. Things have a way of not moving anymore after a 45ACP slug enters the picture. Compared to they stop moving after some hits with other rounds. I come to that idea living near Cincinnati Oh. The area where I lived the LEO had 9mm's. The City, county, and state mostly had 45's. Those township guys used a lot more ammo than the others did. I figured if it was goodf enough for crackhead control it was good enough for me.:D
  4. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    Start reloading. I reload my target rounds for $0.16/round if I remember correctly. I haven't done the math recently since the prices haven't changed for my compnents
  5. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Shop around for ammo just like you do everything else. Also check your local gun forums and swap & sell traders. I find many good ammo deals from local folks changing calibers and such...
  6. Jpyle

    Jpyle New Member

    Why use JHP for range shooting? Look for UMC, Federal or American Eagle FMJ, typically half the price at $25-27 per 50 rnds. Cabelas usually has decent pricing as does Walmart. You are correct though, .45ACP has been unusually hard to find at a good price.
  7. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I reload so I haven't bought any ammo in a long time. But I noticed that Jerry's Outdoor Sports had some 45 ACP for less than $20. I believe it was $18.99. I also saw some cheap stuff at Murdocks. Can't just be in my area.
  8. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Everyone pays a premium for PD ammo, deal with it!

    Shop around for your range ammo.


    .45 185gr FMJ $330/1K
  9. jetspeed8

    jetspeed8 New Member

    Don't use Hollow Points for the range, use FMJ rounds. You can find those for $.30 - .36 per round if you buy 1000 rounds at a time. If you buy 250 rounds it will cost ya about .40 - .48 per round.
  10. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    I paid
    231 for 2000 bullets = .115 per bullet

    I paid $19 1# of titegroup .002 cents per grain I use 5.5gr = .01

    Brass was all free range pick up.

    Primers were $25 per 1000 .025 each

    So one of my hand loads cost .255 each.

    This is a range fodder plinker load.

    I don't load SD ammo I just buy it.

    This also doesn't account for the cost of getting started into reloading.
  11. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    For range ammo, buying .45acp factory rounds should run you about 35 cents/round. You should be able to find Winchester WB (100 rd) boxes for under $35 or Federal Champion (50rd) for $16-17 at Walmart.

    Defense ammo is no biggie, since you won't be running through too much of it. You can order really good 45acp JHP (WinRanger, Gold Dot, Hydrashok, etc) for around $40 per 50...which is only about $10 more than 9mm. TDS, DoubleTap, or Ammo2Go are better online ammo sources than CTD in my opinion.
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  12. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    Wallyworld 100rds fmj winchesters $32.97 Federal fmj's 50rd. $15.97.

    That's $.33 a round and no reloading. :)

    I would not suggest getting into reloading unless you do a heck of alot of shooting and can concentrate to be very precise, with every round, everytime. It needs to be something you enjoy doing imo, not just something to save $$. If you want to save that badly then just shoot .22's and 9mm's.
  13. Gloves

    Gloves New Member

    I found Wolf .45 FMJ 230gr 500rds $.35/round
    (They are backordered)

    Sweeper, I'll check those links.

    How about these steel cases?
    Do they have any down side to them other than you can't reload them?
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  14. Jpyle

    Jpyle New Member

    Lots of people swear by them, lots hate them, YMMV. Steel casing doesn't fully expand to seal chamber which can allow hot gases to blow back and fuse coating on the casing to chamber walls, this can foul the chamber and lead to problems when switching back to brass. A thoroughly cleaning usually solves the problem. Also, check your local range rules before buying, many do not permit Wolf ammo.
  15. Shihan

    Shihan Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I buy Blazer Ammo with the Aluminum cases for range shooting cost $17 for a box of 50. I have never had a problem with the ammo. I don't reload yet, so I don't care about not being able to reuse the casings.
  16. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    In my neck of the woods, .45 ACP is very rare, same with the Lamborghini Countach 5000S (Cherry red - not sure if it was a kit car or the real deal) driving down the street the other day! :eek:
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  17. Mr. Bluesky

    Mr. Bluesky New Member

    Couple ranges by me won't let you shoot anything steel, even just the case.
  18. Pwnacles

    Pwnacles New Member

    That's all true, I personally prefer brass, but will fire steel if it's significantly cheaper.

    Reloading can be quite expensive in the beginning depending on how far you take it. Dillon reloading machines themselves are approximately $350.00, but you need more than that. You'll need dies for starters and depending on the caliber can be quite expensive. You could end up spending around $1000.00 if you buy everything.

    Also, people should be aware that Winchester Wally World ammo can be faulty. I used Federal 12 gauge and had no problem with it in a Sears Roebuck Model 200 12 Gauge Shotgun. However, when I used Winchester's 12 gauge shells, a few of them simply wouldn't extract. I'm not the only one who's had trouble with the Winchester ammunition from Wally World. If you look around online it's rather common. In short, be weary of the Winchester Wally World ammo. If it works for you, awesome, if not, well don't use it. Lol. :p
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  19. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I've heard of Walmart ammo issues but5 not dealt with it personally. It's pretty well known that they order huge and rush the crap out of the manufacturers. So problems are pretty much a given. There's tons of online sales though so if you keep your eyes open and buy enough to make the shipping and other fees worth your while. Buy 1K rounds at a time you get better per unit costs. If you have a friend/shooting buddy you can split cost and get even better savings sometimes. Reloading isn't for everyone. I do it but there are ways to save if you look around.