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45 ACP 2000, Winchester, Remington, etc

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Will be ready to ship on Wednesday the 17th Mixed head stamp plenty of Winchester, Remington (R&P) Fed, CCI, Blazer, *I* . Cleaned and polished .

You can buy all 2000 or 1000, prices include shipping

1000 $55
2000 $105

Please contact by email [email protected]
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Frank - Your second shipment showed up, and as the first, all was perfect and as advertised.

Thanks for the great deal.

GREATThe third one will be on its way in the morning I put a small bad of 20 or 30 didn't count but I want you to try these right along side your Winchesters, they are Independence *I* I know they will last as long for you as Win so shoot the heck out of them.

How long did it take for box to get there?

Thanks again D

I want to say it showed up either Thursday or Friday of last week. I wasn't here when it arrived, so it magically made it's way upstairs to my Man Cave all by itself....:p

All is good then
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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