444 versus 45 -70

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  1. bigdaddy

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    I am wanting to buy one of these two rifles to hog hunt and short distance deer hunting. What are your all thoughts of these two guns. I know that with the 444 I have already got bullets . I shoot a 44 magnum rifle and revolver already . I am just want something with a little more nock down than the magnum.
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  2. c3shooter

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    Take a look at the ballistics- the .444 has a LOT more energy, and as a result, a flight path that looks less like a rainbow. Still drops a LOT, but not as much.

    OTOH, the 45-70 has probably dropped every big game animal in North America, and the ammo would be easier to get.

    You pays yer money, you takes yer pick.

  3. Silvertip 44

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    I have to agree with c3shooter about the .444. I have one and yes it does have a rainbow trajectory, but so does the .45-70. Both are great rounds, however, within its range of about 150 yards there ain't a deer in Georgia that can stand up after taking a solid hit from the .444. The longest kill I have made was right at 150 with the .444.
    Don't ever make the mistake of shooting one that is standing and looking straight at you. The .444 will put a bullet completely through the full length of a deers body and that makes a horrible mess of things.
  4. robocop10mm

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    Most 444's have micro groove barrels which mandates the use of jacketed bullets. For hogs a good heavy flat point hard cast bullet is preferred. The 45-70 is a better platform for cast bullets.
  5. Dcomf

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    Micro-groove barrels do not mandate the use of jacketed bullets only, it is pure myth and lore that has persisted for many years. They will shoot fine with hard cast bullets.
  6. stalkingbear

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    You're both right but I agree with Robocop10mm on the 45/70. You can shoot hardcast bullets in microgroove IF (and a BIG IF) you don't try to drive them too fast. Gaschecks on hardcast will definitely improve (or eliminate) the leading problem as long as you don't go crazy trying to get velocity. For that reason I'd lean toward the 45/70. It's too easy to "overdrive" cast bullets in the .444.
  7. ninjatoth

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    The .444 is a great deer gun.My brother used it to knock a deer against a tree before it dropped where it stood,and when I got my deer with the same .444,I got a gut shot and still dropped it dead where it stood.
  8. ThorsHammer

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    Was there even any venison left after he knocked that deer over? :eek::D
  9. 375shooter

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    Either caliber will work for your intended use, but if you're a handloader I would lean towards the 45-70. You'll have a larger selection of bullets including many with a higher sectional density which will aid in penetration in case you run into a very large hog. You'll be able to load to higher power levels than the 444, also. If you don't handload, take a look at the Hornady LEVERevolution 325 gr. FTX loads in the 45-70. They will definitely give you more knockdown power than your 44..