44 Mag Shotshells

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    I bought a couple of packs of CCI shotshells for my 4" .44 Mag just to carry when scouting at the deer camp in case of running up on rattlesnakes.
    When reading the info on the back of the pack, it states not to use them in a gun with a ported muzzle. Well, my guns muzzle is ported, but I also have a 2" unported .44. I guess that is the one I will carry.
    I think I know the reason why, but would someone who really knows tell me why I shouldn't shoot them in the ported mag?

    BILLYBOB44 Active Member

    Speer shot caps.

    As you can figure, the plastic from the shot caps will shave, and get into the ports. It may also be poss. that the shot may come out of the caps+into the ports? I have used them in a 6" S&W 629 and 91/2" SuperRedHawk with some success. They work well as a rat load, in a barn at night, with a Mag light. When you shoot them in any barrel length, you will smell the burning plastic. Not sure from the end cap, or the cap. itself, but they do burn somewhat.:eek: