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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by mikepahl318, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. mikepahl318

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    Just replaced the old slug gun with a new 44 mag handi rifle (H&R).
    have read mixed reviews, but I hunt in thick woods and am just looking for <75 yard accuracy.

    I have seen a 44 mag drop deer, and you cant "kill a deer deader than dead" so I'm not worried about the switch from a devastating lightfield slug, to a 44 LeveRevolution.

    I have attached a target from Friday, 50 yards. Would you be satisfied with the results? Seems to do about the same as my slug gun....

    PLEASE NOTE: exceptionally windy day....
    Nikon ProStaff scope

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  2. HankGM

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    I also hunt in thick woods with lots of dog fennel growing around my stand so I never see the deer until its within that range. I carry a 44 mag as a side arm when im out just in case. I've used it on occasion to finish one off a time or two its quite effective. As far as your accuracy is concerned it looks to me like you wouldn't have much problem laying them down. Good hunting.

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  3. powg

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    .44 deer rifle

    I dont see a paper target ,I see backstraps ! good hunting:D
  4. Gatoragn

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    Ya Done Good!

    Looks like my .280 Rem setup.

    Those are sweet little rifles, lots of options. Good choice & good shootin'.