44 Mag hard cast loads

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    Anyone know a manufacturer who makes 44 Mag hard cast loads at SAAMI spec levels or will make an affordable special run? Seems all I can find are uber magnum or similar to a Spl +P. I own a Taurus Tracker, which can't handle anything above SAAMI spec. I want the best hog defense possible. When I bought it I was under the impression that any quality heavy SP/HP would do nicely, but I keep coming across stories of poor penetration and several rounds to plant 'em. Since this will be my main defense for "tracking" a wounded hog, I may not have the time to get off more than a round or two. :eek:
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    Custom hunting bullets are going to cost you more cheaper to load your own in the long run but I know that not everyone can do that. You might want to contact these people about your ammo needs. Being you have a Taurus I know a lot of the custom cast load makers don't recommend using there custom cast loads in the particular pistol,I didn't see it mention on there site but it's always good to ask to be on the safe side.

    Buffalo Bore Ammunition | Strictly Big Bore - Strictly Business

    You might look into and ask about using there 44 Spec. load in that pistol.

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