.44 Mag. Bullet Weights

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    I apologize for bringing up a simple topic that I'm sure has been discussed before, but I'm having trouble searching for the answer, due in part to my inability to phrase the question, but here goes...

    I'm trying to find the range of bullet weights that a 1:20'' barrel would prefer. The gun is a Ruger New Model Superblackhawk, 7.5'' barrel with 1:20'' twist rate, .44 rem. mag.

    What it is lightest bullet I could shoot before over-stabilization occurs? What is the heaviest?

    Any input at all would be helpful, thanks.
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    All I can go on here is my personal experience and obversations. I've owned and used .44 magnums from S&W and Ruger for at least 30 years. 99.9 percent of rounds fired were handloaded. (mostly, near-max loads)

    I've used thousands of cast 240 grain gas check (wheel weights) and about equal numbers of jacketed hollow point 180 grainers. I've seen no difference in accuracy. They both work very well.

    One of my shooting buddies swears by the 310 grain cast gas check for both his S&W 29 and a Winchester 94 "shorty."

    So, short answer, from my experience, they all seem to work pretty much equally well.:) Hope this helps!:)

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    I have no idea how the term "over-stabilization" got into our vocabulary. How on earth can a bullet be too stable? A gun will have a preference for a particular load, but if it puts all bullets into one hole, that would be a bad thing?

    When I had my SBH I used 300 gr Sierra's exclusively. I bought it for the sole purpose of launching heavies. My Smiths are for the 180's to 240's
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    I'm sure Elmer Keith and Remington had this discussion followed by lots of testing to create the standard.When in doubt use 240!
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    Had 4 different Super Blackhawks. All four shot my hot 180,200,240 and 255 gr loads very well.
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    I also have one of the Ruger New Model Super Blackhawks with the 7.5" barrel. I can't tell you much about bullet over-stabilization but I can tell you about certain loads I know work very well in this handgun. I have been testing the Hornady 240-grain XTP with four different powders and getting very good results. They are grouping very well and the velocities have been very consistent. The 240-grain bullet has got to be the most popular one used for the .44 mag.
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    My favorite load for my Super Blackhawk is a 300 grain Hornady XTP with H110 powder. Accurate and will stop almost anything in North America (no desire to take on a grizzly, if avoidable, without a rifle).

    I have used it for a hunting load for close to 20 years.
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    Good bullet, good powder.