.44 colt black powder pistol

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    I have a .44 colt black powder pistol that has been in my family since the 1800's. The question is that I have been told my father, who has now passed away, that it is a Navy Colt but it looks more like a calvary or army pistol. It has scrolling on the cylinder of sail ships, the hammer has a scroll of a sea serpent and ocean waves. It came with ivory handles that have the same serial number as the rest of the parts of the pistol. However, the shape is that of an army .44 Colt Army. It also looks like it could have been nickel plated at one time. The serial number is 166053. This is engraved on all the parts of the pistol. Another thing that puzzles me is that it has an engraving that states, "engaged 1843. I know they did not make these firearms prior to 1850 or 1860, so it makes the puzzle more perplexing. If you have any info on this question please send to [email protected]. Respectfully, Cesar Munoz

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    c& b

    you have a C & B. If it has ships on the cylinder it is a navy colt. the 1843 date is the sea battle.dont try to shoot it with smokeless powder.good shape it is worth much money and needs a reliable appraiser.:rolleyes:

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    Pictures are really necessary to properly ID your piece. Is it .44 or .36 cal? Octagonal or rounded barrel? What is the barrel length and what are the patent dates on the barrel? The 1851 Navy has the octagonal barrel and the 1861 had the rounded barrel.

    Could be an 1851 or 1861 Navy, although I think most original Navy revolvers were .36 and the Army as .44. Modern repros Navys can be had in .44.

    Depending on the condition, it could be worth several thousand if an original. Very cool piece of family history, I'd love to see pics!
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    I'd love to see pics too! I have an 1861 Navy Repro with a battle scene scoll-engraved on the cylinder - it has a round barrel and is .36 cal.. I don't think Navy Colts were made in .44. The "Engaged Date" is the date of the battle. As stated earlier your gun could be worth thousands...
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    C&B Revolvers

    The 1860 Army, 1851 and 1861 Navies all had the Naval Battle Scene. Correct date - battle was between the Texas and Mexican Navies. What you can look for in further identification is calibre. The 44 was an Army model. It had a rebated cylinder with a round barrel and creeping style loading lever. The Navy models were 36 calibre. The 1851 had an octagonal barrel and the 1861 had a round barrel and looked more like the Army. Hope this helps.

    Post some pics