.44-40 or .45 Colt

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    I will! Buy it and send it to me! I will send you crayon pictures suitable for hanging on your refer!
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    I am not answering the question I know, but I think some may like this.
    I loaded a SS Uberti with a mix of Cowboy .45 loads and some .45 handloads using 2400 behind gas checked 250 gr. bullets as described by Elmer Keith in his 'Six Guns,' spun the cylinder and let a friend try them (steel plate @ 10 yds.) to see if she noticed the difference. Yep, she could. LoL

    I have tried 44-40, but much prefer .44 Russian and .44 Special in my Colt and S&W DA revolvers, but then I don't competition shoot. The 1900s advantage of the .44s was if your gun took .44 Special it also took .44 Russian, .44 Webley, .44 Ely, .44 Henry Flat (CF), .44 Bulldog and probably some others as well. Simply saying to a store clerk, let me have some .44s, gave you something you could shoot. But with .45 you had to specify as the Schofields couldn't use the .45 Colt bullets.

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    I can put you in touch with a pawn shop that has a Russian in the counter.
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