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    Okay, I now have to provide a bedside shotgun that my wife willpick up to go chase dogs or run BG's away. She isn't 100% with guns but if she has to, she can make some serious holes in her target. She doesn't want to depend on her pistol for inside due to over penetration. She is also one of those that don't like recoil. This all being said, she doesn't like my sawn off 20, so I'm thinking 410. This shotgun will be used for HD and fun at the range. Yes I know that shells are rediculous to buy, but what do ya'll think about 410 for HD? Is it good enough? I mean they do take down big game animals. Oh, and it's a pump that I found. 20" barrel with a full choke. and going to get some tac gear.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Just curious, but how far down did you saw it off? That can have a big affect on recoil among other things.

    I don't see a need for a full choke on a .410 basically because for defense, you would want to go with 00 buck or slug. #4 birdshot from a .410 is not sufficient for defense or dogs in my opinion. Snakes, yes, but not the 6 foot 200 pounders that walk on 2 feet and want to harm whomever is in the house that they break into while on a meth binge. Again, my opinion.
    Saiga makes a semi-auto .410 with detachable mags that is heavy enough to feel very little recoil.

    I do believe that a .410 slug or 00 buck will put a big hurt on a bad guy without the worry of as much overpenetration to surrounding walls and all.

    Here is a link to that very issue with ballistic tests that looks at that overpenetration thingy. :)

    The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration Testing

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    IMO, #6 birdshot in 410 at 20 feet or less will still make someone have a bad day.
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    I wouldn't volunteer to be on the receiving end of any .410 shot. For home defense I would go with #4 turkey loads. :)
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    I don't want to be on the business end of a 410 but I personally think it is a poor choice for SD. What pistol is she shooting? Are there kids around that over penetration is a major concern? A pistol will be moved much faster then a long gun in close quarters.

    If I had to use a 410 for self defense I would want 3" shells with 00 buck or slugs. A 410 slug only weighs 87.5 grains, it's still a very light round.
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    A .410 would be one of my last choices for HD. A 12 ga with reduced recoil buckshot is not bad. Adrenaline will prevent recoil from even being noticed. Have her practice with ultra-lite 1 oz loads to get her confidence up. These will recoil less than a 20 ga.

    For the handgun, the lightest, fast hollow poinits for that caliber will penetrate the least. 9mm 90 gr HP's will not go through walls very far. Consider Glaser safety slugs for much reduced wall board penetration.

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    i don't know if you took a look at this already, but it may help in your decision of what load to get for HD. I know that post is referring to a 12ga. but i figure the more info the better.
    I'm with robocop10mm though, if your wife can build confidence and comfort with a weapon, that will matriculate into confidence when the situation demands it.
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    Winchester has developed the 410 PDX 1 ammo for home defense. It's a little pricey, but it's not like your going to use it for plinking. Go to Winchester's web sight for details. We are selling the ammunition and getting good reviews from our customers.
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    I hear all types of comments on the .410--most of which state that it is almost useless for self-defense. Let's get real and look at the ballistics vs a 38 Special, which although not the most powerful or effective defensive round, was the world standard for many years and is still the #1 carry round:

    38 Special: 158 grains, approx 1000 fps (+P)

    .410, OOO Buck 3 inch: Five OOO Buck (each is 9mm in diameter and weighs 70 grs, for a total of 350 grains), 1135 fps.

    So, would you rather be shot with one 158 grain 38 Special at 1000 fps, or 5 OOO Buck (350 grains) at 1135 fps? Now I understand the arguments, the 38 has higher terminal velocity, higher penetration, etc--but for home defense where the range is probably 10 feet or less, does anyone really believe the .410 would not be effective???