.41 Remington Derringer

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    Hey im pretty new to handguns and my boyfriend wanted me to try and see if I could figure out more information on a Remington Derringer hes looking at. I figured it might be easier for me to find out more info a forum like this then trying to describe it over the phone to someone. The person hes getting it from doesnt have any of the papers on it he actually had found it but since its such an old gun were not sure if we need the papers. I've been doing some research through google and it looks like it may of been made sometime between 1883 and 1910 but im not sure can anyone help me? Do we need papers? Can you tell me more information about it and maybe what its worth? Im posting some pictures below

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    You can find out exactly what the gun is worth by browsing www.gunbroker.com . Look at past sales of Remington derringers like his. I would ignore current buy it now listings. Just because someone has listed a gun for a given price doesn't mean it will sell. Remington has an archivist/historian if you need to know anything particular about the gun. If you call remington have a good light and a magnifying glass handy. Lots of times it's difficult to see stamps and other markings due to pocket/holster wear.

    You have a nice gun. I would have to think long and hard about selling it. It will not be easy to replace that derringer.
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    Kim- I see this is your first post- welcome!

    Believe you have a Remington Model 95. These were made from about 1866 to about 1935- however- THAT barrel marking was from 1883 to 1910. Remington was sold, and the formal company name changed, so markings on gun changed.

    Value? With an antique/ collectable gun, that is driven by condition- and you will need a hands-on appraisal. It looks as if the left grip may be damaged, cannot tell condition of bore, how well it functions, etc.

    Have seen sale prices from $600 to $1200, but really cannot say just what yours is worth. BTW, these never had a serial number. Any numbers are BATCH production numbers (means not unique to only 1 gun)

    PS- they also made a really dandy set of brass knuckles in a close encounter!
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    That model quite often have damaged hinges. that is the first thing a collector of those look at. looks like this one was nickeled with alot of the nickel gone(not uncommon at all). Bores are not very critical in the value of these though obviously a good bore would be preferred. If the hinge was good and barring anything I can't see in the pics i would say maybe around the $500 mark.
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    And, they are virtually impossible to find ammo for. Even if you did find some, you'd probably do more damage throwing the gun at someone than shooting them with a .41 rimfire.
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    Old Western Scrounger used to have ammo on occasion for these