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    I live in Arizona and have been been shooting a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag 7.5 inch barrel for years. I also reload for this revolver. Well if you carry this anchor hiking for a day it gets a tad heavy by the end of the day. Great for snakeshot and rattlers but to heavy.
    I recently bought a S&W model 4006 semi auto. Before I even fired the piece I had my dies ordered and 1000 pieces of once fired brass. I have ordered 180gr FMJ bullets for this project but they are on backorder. Since the bullets are backordered i have had lots of time for more research and case prep. I did manage to put 500 rounds of factory ammo through the pistol to start the break in process. It only reminded me why I reload for the 44. I dislike factory ammo with a passion. For me its hitting the bull not saving on the cost that makes me sit at the bench.
    That was my personal intro guys now to the meat of the thread.
    I have 1500 40S&W once fired federal cases decapped, annealed, tumbled, sized and reprimed with federal small pistol match primers. I need powder suggestions. Frankly I am slightly confused by the 8643 recipes i have seen for this round including 1 for 2400 magnum powder which I use for my 44 rounds. Ahhhhh NO!!!
    Can I have some feedback on this "Medium burn fluffy fill the case" stuff I read about? Again the recipes I see range from 3.5 grains to 11 depending on the powder. 3.5 grains does not sound very fluffy to me it sounds hot. I find myself looking at power pistol and blue dot as my main choices. Whats is going to give me the best group?

    That bullseye don't shoot back but it sure kills me. Help me git it!!!!!!
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    wow no answers at all.

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    I've been using 3.3 grains of Clays behind a 180 grain Berry's bullet. This powder will not fill the case but is a very accurate and clean burning mid-range load that I use in my .40.

    Just returned home this morning from an extended hunting weekend, otherwise, would have answered sooner. Good luck, Joe
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    I've come to like Accurate #5, it's very versatile (but not terribly fluffy). More importantly, My powder measure likes it too. 6.0 gr AA#5 behind a 165 FP MC (Yeah I know, it's really light, but it shoots nice) works really well in my XD40SC, I have some 180gr loads, but I'm at work and i can't remember them.
    If your measure will work with it, Unique works well, I just ran out of patience. The loads I did test worked well in both .45 and .40.

    Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide

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    I've used unique, bullseye and am about to try power pistol. If, by fluffy, you mean large flake powder, unique most closely fits that descripton, but be careful for what you ask for. I find that it is a very good powder choice, except that it meters in my equipment about as good as cornflakes. Bullseye and power pistol are very similar in consistency (to each other, and as I recall about like 2400, though it's been years since I've used 2400) and lend themselves to metering very well. Of those two, power pistol is the slower burning powder, and probably the best choice.
    Hope this helps.
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    I may seem old school with my use of the "Dot" powders but I like to limit the powders I have on hand. Red Dot @ 5.0 grains launches my 175 gr cast TC bullet very accurately. It also doubles for loads in all my non-magnum loads. Blue Dot will cause the same bullet to scream at 1150 fps from a Speer nickle plated case with a charge of 9.5 gr. It also is the powder of choice for my magnum shotgun loads.

    I have used W-231 with good results, but it got hard to find so I switched to the Red Dot.
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    powder choice

    I want to thank those of you that share thier great dark secrets with me :D
    Yesterday I finally bought a pound of powder to start loading these 40 S&W's.
    After almost 2 weeks of research I made a choice. There are so many powders out there it was really hard to pick 1. I noticed doing my research factory ammo velocities were in the 1040 to 1100 range. I wanted to try to stay close to these numbers. This narrows the field alot. None of the Accurate powders produce this result except #2 at max charge. The powders i did narrow it down to were. Power Pistol, Longshot, Blue Dot and Unique in that order. Since the local shop didnt have any power pistol i bought Longshot. According to the data i found 6.5 grains should fire at 1009fps and a max load of 8 grains @ 1159fps.
    Since i have 1500 pieces of brass I am going to load 100 rounds at 6.5 and 100 @6.6 and so on up the ladder.
    Loading for my 44 I noticed i get better results with a velocity slightly lower than factory ammo so hopefully I find a happy group in the first few boxes when I start test firing.
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    Please don`t forget WW 231. It is a ball powder that works well in most pistol rounds.

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    I've used Unique, 2400, HS-6, W231, and AA#7. I really haven't found one powder I prefer over the others.
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    40 s&w powders

    I use Winchester 231 in my Glock 40 S&W. I mainly load 150 to 165 gr bullets. Accuracy, consistancy and performance have been excellent.
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    +1 on the 231 had good loads shooting that powder (S&W 40)
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    The powders i did narrow it down to were. Power Pistol, Longshot, Blue Dot and Unique in that order. Since the local shop didnt have any power pistol i bought Longshot.

    My experience with my 40 is it likes top of the chart velocity loads with a 165 gr jhp. I use strictly Titegroup, Unique, and Power Pistol. I have a personal hatred of Blue Dot!

    To reduce the recoil that naturally comes in the 40, you have to reduce the load to ridiculous levels. I've had three 40's (all glocks) and they all had the same temperment.
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    .40 S&W Loads??

    This AM I put together 200 rounds of .40 S&W.
    165gr. Montana Gold RNFP
    8.3gr of HS-6
    925 fps.
    1.120" OAL
    Not a powerhouse load, but shoots well.:)