.40 SW, where is it used?

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    I've come up with a theory on why 9mm beats .40 SW and .45 ACP. The theory states that 9mm is more readily available world wide since it is NATO, so if WW3 or the Zombie Apocalypse ever happened, there would be more 9mm ammo circulating around and easier to get your hands on.

    Now this made me think about the .40 SW and made me wonder if it is used in other countries....I always believed it was just a police round used exclusively in the US, but maybe you can tell me,is the .40 SW cartridge used in other countries? or just the US?

    Much thanks

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    Unless you plan on sitting out the zombie apocolypse in, say, Germany it is a moot point. The real consideration is what caliber of ammo will be readily available in your area. .40 S&W is very popular with LE and many civilians in many areas of the USA.
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    if all you gotta do is pop a zombie in the brain 22lr is the best zombie round.

    but i dont think it matters whats being used in zimbabwe as i personally wont be planning an overseas tour during a zombie invasion....

    if you plan on finding ammo off the fallen then your almost going to 100% find the gun that goes with the ammo you run across. take what ya got on hand and do battlefield pickups as needed
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    9x19 has stayed popular since most of the world are truly sissies when it comes to recoil in a handgun. Plus, like the 5.56mm, any round that uses less brass must be better--according to the bean-counters. You're just going to be spraying lead downrange, so all you need is the cheapest ammo available.