40 S&W Minimum trim length

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    On a 40 S&W minimum trim length is .843". The max is called out at .850".
    The 40 S&W head spaces off of the mouth of the case. Some of my cases are around .840" -.841". these are once fired factory new.
    I am warned as to not trim too short, but to keep all batches uniform in length and not to seat too deeply as to avoid over pressure.
    If new once fired factory brass is coming up short of minimum trim length on a number of cases ( out of 200 about 30 or so ) then do I send the short one's to the copper scrap pile or is - .002 to .003 going to be that much of a problem.
    Seating the bullet to meet OACL.

    Thanks up front!
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    Here we go again....Why do you feel so compelled to trim auto pistol brass. I have loaded hundreds of thousands of pistol ammo and I have NEVER trimmed the brass.

    If you are measuring unsized (fired) brass, it will come up short. If it was factory ammo and fired w/o any issues, why are you trying to make an issue where there was none.

    Relax and step away from the calipers. Measuring and trimming is for rifle brass.
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    Handgun ammo does not tend to strech as much as rifle brass does when resizing. I have loaded houndreds of thousands of hand gun rounds in the past and did not have to trim them.

    For the most part you should get someplace around 6-9 reloads out of handgun brass with out really needing to trim, and a lot of times by then the brass is split so you just throw it away.
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    Lmao !

    Thanks for the ( pull your head out ) PYHO. After being spooked by a fellow re-loader that has more experience with hand gun loads, I had to ask.

    :D As always thankful!