Texas .40 limited package Dave Pruitt Custom

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    Selling my Dave Pruitt (Gun Doc) built limited gun with 2 mags and DAA rig. Has 1 aluminum and two plastic DAA mag carriers.

    No inner belt.

    I bought the gun on Enos Forums with less than 500 rounds and I have put less than 2000 rounds through it.

    Has some wear marks, but is minor. The wear marks are from the original owner (holster wear). There is some shine on the frame, directly below "Caspian" on the slide on both sides. You can barely see in the photos. There is also some wear on the slide around the outside of the bull barrel - again, holster wear. Very Minor.

    I did a slight trigger under cut (sand) and never got it back to factory finish, but feels the same.

    Gun runs, never had an issue. Feels like 2 lbs trigger, nice and crisp as expected.

    Magazines Load to capacity.

    I am just not shooting Limited and have other needs right now.

    I am selling this as a package only - Gun, belt/holster/mag rig and 2 mags. I will not split up right now.

    Shipped from my FFL to your FFL.

    This is the data I received when I purchased from the original owner:

    STI Frame
    Caspian Slide
    STI Bull Barrel
    Aftec extractor
    Cylinder and slide trigger set
    STI magwell
    Ambi Safety
    STI Grip safety
    Wilson 2 pcs full lenght rod
    Bomar rear
    Dawson Fiber optic front sight
    drilled and tapped mag release
    ed brown button
    Duracoat black finish

    gun was built by Dave Pruitt of GunDoc in Florida

    $2300 - Certified Funds.