.40 Kel-Tec Sub Rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by clr8ter, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. clr8ter

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    Anyone had any experience with this one? The gun shop owner offered me a NIB one in .40, takes the Glock Mags, for about $330. He said they're very hard to find........How about reliability & quality?
  2. hunter Joe

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    I have one of those Kel-Tec Sub Rifles on order for a customer and just like the PMR-30 I'm having trouble finding them from any of my distributors.

    I believe the $330.00 price is in line but as far as reliabilty and performance it's too soon to tell. At that price I'd group it together with a Hi Point carbine. These guns are great as they can be shot on many indoor ranges where hi powered long guns aren't allowed. This create a market for this class of firearm in that price range, whereas, the CX 4 Storm is nearly twice as much and most of the AR-LAR pistol caliber rifle are over three times as much.

    I have ten of the PMR-30 on backorder for customers and one of the distributors I deal with tells me there is going to be a long wait as he has 10,000 (ten thousand) backorder s for that pistol.

    As for the quality aspect I did manage to procure one of the pistols for a customer and I'm not sure that I like a firearm that frames comes in two pieces and is sandwiched together and bolted. I'm presently selling these pistols for $329.00 and still not sure what warrants that price tag.

    Going have to wait and see what some of the range reports are on this and other forums. Good luck, Joe

  3. group17

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    I have the 9mm version and couldn't be happier.
    There is a new 40 at my LGD for $300 so $330 isn't so bad.