380 for deep concealment

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1911ish 380

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  1. Sig Sauer P-238 380acp

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  2. Colt Mustang 380acp

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  1. DodgeThis

    DodgeThis New Member

    OK, so I know it's not actually a 1911, but I was wanting some opinions here. What are the pros and cons in the vs. of the Sig P-238 / Colt Mustang. Which would you pick and why. I want this as my primary carry at work, and my BUG when not at work. For 'on the job' I currently use a 25acp for deep cover and BUG. I'd really like to step up to something with a little more "UMPHHF".

    Also, I am looking at the Colt Defender for 'away from work' primary carry. If you have any opinions or things I should probably know about this 1911, please let me in on your knowledge.

    You may have read my previous thread about these two pistols. I just don't want to get either one of them, and find out later that I could have made a better decision.....especially for that kind of money.
  2. crazycharlie2

    crazycharlie2 New Member

    Colt Mustang Plus II. Why? Because it's the only .380 I got.

  3. gollygee

    gollygee New Member

    I voted for the Colt merely because that's what I want. :) Nothing in particular against Sig, just like Colts. But, none have shown up around here yet & only 'net purchases I'll make on pistols is thru Davidson's. Only place I've even heard about having them is Gun Broker & asking up to $100 over MSRP. I'm gonna give it until my birthday in May, then guess I'll get the Sig.
  4. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Get the Defender and be sure it's chambered in a real man's round!

    The Colt Defender in 45 ACP;