.380 auto diamondback

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Gunlover38, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Gunlover38

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    I got one of these and it sucks. Im not impressed at all and im going to sell it and get a 9mm fare warning
  2. hardluk1

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    Sincw you did not explane issues. Call there CS and talk to a tech get a shipping label sent to you and send it back with a letter describing its faulures and hope they well get it right. Or tell the owner you wnat your money back. hehe Please don't dump it for another person to get burnt with. Visit the black diamond forum to see if those guys can help out. Many times member figure out fix's companies can't. I picked up DW revolver from a guy with DB380 that found a couple tricks that fixed his from the forum. Give those guys a try.

    Now mini 380's in general. They are so effected by bullet design and recoil and ammo brands in general even when all else is right.

  3. KeysKelly

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    Good advice above.

    Also keep in mind, pocker .380's are not designed for comfort or range shooting. I have a LCP that I carry a lot and love but I don't take it to the range to blast off 200 rounds in one trip. The day I bought it I shot 100 rounds to get used to it. Took it another time and shot 100 rounds. Since then I don't shoot more than 50 in one range trip and usually only about 12-15 just to keep in practice. It is a very effective carry gun when dressing light but it is not a comfort gun, target gun or plinker.

    It might hurt my hand to shoot but not as much as it will hurt the person on the receiving end.