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    Right know I use hornady critical defense in my .380. But I won't to know what the most bad a** ammo is for the .380.
  2. winds-of-change

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    For target practice I just use the cheapest stuff the gun store has. At home, for self defense, I use the Hornady Critical Defense round. I think it'll do the job. But I think the first gun I reach for would be my .357 Mag revolver. My .380 is still new and I've had a few jams with it. I'm still breaking it in/learning to trust it. My revolver has never made me doubt it......not ever.......not even once.

  3. robocop10mm

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    Some people like the Buffalo Bore +P RNFP Lead. There is no standard for +P ammo in .380 so use at your own risk. The .380 is not known for great penetration so some prefer non expanding bullets to get the most penetration they can.

    I prefer the Speer Gold Dot for expansion and weight retention. With proper weight retention it should penetrate as well as FMJ.
  4. Ranger-6

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    Tactical Ammunition For .380 ACP

    Buffalo Bore: 380 ACP +P 95 grain 1125/267 JHP #27D/20
    Corbon: 380 Auto +P 90 grain 1050/220 fps JHP #SD38090-20
    Hornady: 380 Auto 90 grain XTP 1000/200 JHP #90102
    Remington: 380 ACP 102 grain 940/200 fps JHP #GS380B
    Winchester: Supreme Elite 380 95 grain 1000/211 JHP PDX1 #S380PDB
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    You're much better off using a good FMJ .380 round for self defense over the JHP offerings out there, particularly Hornady Critical Defense. Failure to penetrate, especially when heavier clothing may impede the bullet's wound channel, is the consideration here.