.380 ACP Walther PK-380

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    My new Walther. I tell you is not Bond's gun! Very accurate and reliable I had one jam in the second magazine but other than that I shot one hundred fifty rounds total. All fully jacketed ammo, no hollow points. I prefer penetraition in a smaller caliber weapon so this weapon will probably never see a hollow point.

    I only have two complaints. First take down is rather easy, but reassembly is a whole different story. You have to fully compress the spring on the guide rod before placing it in the weapon. There is no tool to assist you with this. I had to recover the rod once as it transversed the length of Mark's (mesinge2) dinning room. My second complaint are the $40 dollar magazines. The cheapest I have seen in $37 and the most $50. :eek: Below is a 25 yard grouping and my new EDC. For 7 and 14 yard targets, Mark has a crazy thread up with some zombies that we, cured, :D

    .380 ACP Walther PK380   1.jpg

    Grouping 50  Walther PK380.jpg
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    I have found that there is a tool that works in place of that cheap plastic take down tool.

    Go to O'Reillys and get their "Valve Removal" tool for tire/inner tubes.