.38 Super Compact?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by danf_fl, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I've seen compact 1911 platforms in .45ACP, .40S&W, and 9mm.

    Why not one in .38 Super?
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    Ok, I have been looking for a 38 super compact since you posted this thread.
    I looked as Colt, Kimber, Springer, Para, then I was going to look at Ed Brown, Wilson, Les Baer, and others.

    Well, I, finally, FOUND TWO, but they come with a $2,575.00 and a $4,350.00 price tag :eek:

    Both are from Wilson Combat: the CQB Compact and the Tactical Supergrade Compact, respectfully.

    They are available in 9mm, .38 Super, and .45 ACP; and have a 4" barrels (slightly shorter than a Commander), and Officer's size frames.

    If I had the extra money I'd already own one of them.

    Tactical Supergrade Compact
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