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38 Special Model and DOB?

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I have a 38 Special that was given to me years ago. One side says 38 S&W Special CTG. The other side has Smith Wesson Springfield Mass. U.S.A. and a bunch of pat'd dates. The serial number is 129XXX. I would like to know the model number and year it was made.
Thank you,


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I can't help you with the year of manufacture, but the model number should be on the frame, right beneath the the crane.

Open the cylinder and you'll be able to spot it.
It may not have a model number under the crane. Judging by the large
knob on the ejector rod, it's an early gun. If I had to guess, I would
say it's a "38 hand ejector" or possible a early "38 Military and Police".
Eventually the gun became the model 10.
You're right, I forgot that the older Smiths didn't have the model number there. It does look like an M&P, but I'm not an expert (as my previous post proved!).

Here's a site with some Hand Ejectors and M&P's for sale:
Pre-war Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector revolvers
I don't think the .38 Hand Ejector models were made in .38 Special, the Military & Police Model being the gun that introduced the .38 Special cartridge to the public.

Bob Wright
And, true, its only been in recent years that Models numbers were used. The factory model numbers were never listed as catalog numbers. The factory used the frame size and bore diameter, plus "T" for target sights. The Model 1950 .44 Target had the model number of "N-430T" for example.

Bob Wright
38 Special Model and DOB

Hi guys,
Interesting string of comments. I have some additional information. There is a number on the crane "1384". It is a .38 Special with a hand ejector and 4" barrel.
Thanks for your interest,
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