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  1. unclesloppy

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    I'm wondering if anyone has any info on a s&w 38 special ctg model 10-5
    The serial # is d21514. Can anyone help me date this gun or give me an estimate on what its worth? It has wood grips with a checkered pattern.
    Its very clean. I'm not a pro, but if I had to guess, I'd say the gun is about 98%. I'd like to sell but I think a dealer would lowball me. Any help- suggestions would be appreciated.
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    You have a s&w ctg 10-5....

    Any Smith and Wesson would easily be sold for $300.00 to $350.00 being that you have a model 10-5 I need to know is it a K frame....Only the models of the 15 are more expensive like the model 15-3 because it dates back to the Civil War 1 and 2 I own one of these and had it checked out by several gun smiths and no-one can find the gun I hold...I am a collector and I only buy the best...If I was you and you really didn't need the money I would suggest that you hold on to it..Gun shops love to try to take people to the cleaners...Being a woman is even worse after I found out how much the gun I own is worth I laughed in the mans' face when he thought I didn't know what I had.... I have been around guns all my life and the old saying is right...That is..."When your young your dumb" and "when you get older you get wiser".... So my advise to you if your not needing the money then keep it!!!! All Smith and Wesson guns do hold a value!!! As do certain other manufactored guns....

  3. DoubleAction

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    The Model 10-5 was 1962 but the D serial number prefix did not start until 1967. The price varies for the Model 10s, depending on the local demand and cash flows. My advice is to check on the Gun Broker Auction to see how these revolvers are selling. I've read around $450. on the average for NIB condition.

  4. gatorgrads

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    Does anyne have any info on a Model 15-3 probably made around 1971. I says 38 special CTG on the side. Blue steel six rounds, Serial #1K8734.

    Any idea what it is worth in good condition.
  5. ScottG

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    Check your local library for the Blue Book Of Gun Values, or check the auction sites to see what current sellers are getting.
  6. melman

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    hey guys i'm new to the site, I have a s&w 38 special ctg, mod. 16-1 serial #j858138 were can i find info on this revolver thanks
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    Smith and Wesson is known for keeping good records. If you go to their site, you can purchase the history of any of your Smith and Wesson models. They can tell you much more than what most can tell you which is generally the near mfg date.
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    Hmmm. Model 16 is a 32 cal. You have an extremely rare gun,
    poor eyesight, or a typo.

    Even if it is actually a 32 cal, it could still be a rare one. Some of the 16's were
    made in small quantities and are quite valuable.
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    sorry guys it was poor eyesight on my uncle's part, the gun is here now and it's a 36-1 the serial # was correct though

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    Best advice is to not give the complete serial number of your firearms in an open forum, pass on the last three digits fill them in with XXX.

    After that pictures help but much depends on your local market, a reasonable sources are the Blue Book of Gun Values, contacting the manufacturer, talking to local gun shops, gunbroker.com or google/bing search. It takes some effort to know the value of a firearm and that is on you to do your homework. I'll tell you there worth $50 and the cost of shipping, it isn't the true value but since you asked, here's my quote.