.38 s&w airweight vs .380 ruger auto

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    .38 s&w airweight snubnose vs .380 ruger lcp auto,for concealecarry. Everybody seems to like the .380 for it's small pocket size. But I like the revolver, it never JAMS. Reliability & carry size is important,the BAD GUYS don't give second chances. IF it jams and does not fire when needed, YOUR **** OUT OF LUCK !!!
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    Well if you are looking for the best solution between a .38 SPL revolver and a .380ACP pistol, (and we have had the discussion before here on the forum) you shold be able to handle both types of weapons, and adapt them to your environment.
    I am going through the same process. Due to the fact that now live in Brazil where the only defense calibers allowed are .22/.38spl/.380ACP, I have come to the conclusion to go with the .38 spl for the following reason:

    As the defensive characteristics of the .380ACP are half of the firepower of a 9mm, and the .38spl +P comes close to the 9mm I have opted to go with the snub nose and the .38spl +p ammo.

    For self defense I have been trained to use semi-auto, but I have always loved revolvers. Nevertheless, now I have to make the transition to use a revolver for self defense, which is basically just a matter of adapting the known techniques and practice. Of course if you go with the revolver your holster, clothes, speedloaders etc. has to be adapted, as undeniably a small .380ACP semi has a much smaller payload in terms of concealability, magazines, etc.

    If this however is not a matter of concealed carry then there might be other items that needs to be prioritized and the final choice might be different.

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    I have the Ruger LCP and a SP-101 revolver. They are kind of like shoes, each one matches a different outfit. And when I can't make up my mind, which is a lot, I carry them both. I think a revolver will be more dependable than an auto, but I have yet to have the LCP jam. I also have 3 more magazines for it. A revolver is just a little more difficult to load. When I looked I hadn't found a speed loader yet to fit the SP. Haven't looked since.
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    I would not carry any thing liter than a .38 and then only for a pocket gun. My CCw weapon of choice is a 329 PD with a 4 in barrel. Love the .44 mag. and I don`t want to take a knife to a gun fight. ;)
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    Funny you should ask that question because those are my two CCW weapons. I have a S&W Model 637 Airweight and a Ruger LCP. Most of the time I carry the .38 because it is more powerful. However, even though I have a permit and can legally carry concealed, there are certain situations in which I cannot afford to have it known that I am carrying. In those situations I just drop the LCP in my pocket. It is so small and thin that it just disappears.
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    I have a 637 that i wear in a don hume IWB holster. Its very comfortable.
    As for shootability. Iv had a glock 17,23 a walther ppk , sig 239, m&p 9c among many orthers. I have alwase come back to one of the airweights either the 637 or the 642. It is without question, that it is tied as the most accurate hand gun i have ever owned. I once posted a vidio on youtube where I shot a 2.5" group at 23 yards free hand. If you practice with this gun you will be a far better all around shooter than if you went on to somthing else. SPEED is not realy an issue either. I can shoot five rounds at a 15 yard target as fast as pretty much any orther pistol that I named. If you dryfire alot and get used to the trigger you can become fast with it. Reliability is great no ftf no fte. Every subcompact pistol i have owned has malfunctioned, Walther ppk, Keltek p11. Well there are orther options for sub compact semi autos i have never seen one that has never malfunction. Draw speedas it pertains to concealed carry can be no faster than with a revolver worn on the hip (IWB). The reason for this is you have a cylinder that is up against you body. The grip at this point is not up against you body like a semi auto would be. So you have a easy target to wrap your hand around.

    For a CCW dont know of a more accurate, reliable, fast to the draw gun than a S&W snub nose