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    is the 38+p a good defense round for what i need it for? i'll be hiking soon here in kentucky. i'll most likely need it for 2 legged critters but may run across 4 legged one at times. around where i live coyoties are the most abundent and i expect them to leave me alone unless rabies hits here as it did some years back. there has been a few reports of bears but they are only reported about once or twice a year are are probably just passing thru. however some new creatures has been confirmed by the dept. of wildlife in my area, a mountain lion was confirmed about 60 miles from where i live this winter. the dept. said it to was pasiing thru as none live here but to be carefull if outside, and a wild hog was killed only 15 miles from where i live during deer season, i have a 357 magnum but i'm recoil sensitive, i can shoot them but would prefer a 38+p if they would work. thanks for any help
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    Shot placement is most important.

    The .38Spl +P should work in what you seem to anticipate.

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    Most self defense handgun ammo is designed to be used against the 2 legged variety of predators. Furry critters who can cause you harm tend to have a tougher hide than we humans have. You might want to consider a semi-jacketed soft point bullet instead of hollow point, for deeper penetration.

    If recoil is a problem for you, consider that when you are defending your life, you will experience a massive adrenalin dump which will block out all non-essential sensory perception, including recoil. Most folks who shoot in self defense neither hear the shot, or feel the recoil. For that reason, I'd go with a .357 mag, but if that is a problem for you, you can always shoot .38 spl +P in a magnum chambered handgun, but not vice-versa.

    My trail gun is a Taurus 617 stainless .357 mag, seven shooter. Not a small concealed carry gun, but as with any large framed pistol, they CAN be concealed with a slight wardrobe modification. Also, heavier guns tend to buffer felt recoil.

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    There are also some lower recoil loads out there in 357. The Winchester white box 110gr semi jacket hollow point is a self defense load on the mild side. More than 38+P but lighter than the heavy loads. There are others too.
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    This is the truth. If it comes down to you needing to use your weapon you will not notice the sound or the recoil...I can promise you that.
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    I think you're fine against 2 legged critters with a 38+p. I've carried one on a few occasions and my wife's nightstand gun is loaded with them.
    I don't think a 38 is enough against 4 legged critters, espeically a couple of the ones you mentioned.....a bear and a mountain lion are two animals I would not want to face with nothing but a 38. You're in KY so I assume you're talking black bear and they will most likely run from you unless there are cubs involved. The mountain lion....I don't know and I don't care...that is a BIG, POWERFUL CAT and if it moves towards me it's going to get the priviledge of holding a few. On either of these animals you need something that is going to give you penetration that the 38 simply doesn't have. I know it's unlikely that you'll see either of these critters but I would like to prepared in case you did.
    I personally would carry the 357. You won't be shooting it all day and if you do end up needing it but having the extra power would be beneficial.