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  1. BeyondTheBox

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    Anyone into this round at all, maybe have a gun or two chambered for it and want to share their experience?

    My understanding from some brief research is that it's specifically made for semiautomatic? Think my little brother mentioned a Glock chambered in it, not sure what if anything else, but it's got my interest and curiosity sparked.
  2. sweeper22

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    It's a semi-auto round, exclusively. It could probably also perform well as a carbine rifle round. Basically, it's an ultra-fast 9mm...125gr @ 1500fps...compared to your typical 124gr 9mm in the 1100fps range. Very similar to 38 Super.

    Very good defense round, flat-shooting range round, but snappy like a 40sw. As long as you're not dealing with grizzlies or especially large black bears it could be a nice wilderness sidearm.

    Critics will say (and rightfully so): It's uncommon and thus, expensive. You're probably going to pay around $20 per 50rd box for range FMJs, and that's nearly twice what 9mm will set you back. But defensive JHPs cost about the same as anything else; so barely more than what you'll be paying for your range ammo. It's also true that hot-loaded 124+gr 9mm and lighter faster (135-140gr) 40sw defense ammo can mimic 357sig ballisitics. That's important because both 9mm and 40sw are far cheaper to shoot at the range.

    I like 357 sig. It's a flat shooting and fun round at the range that I know will do its part in a defense senario. But I'll be the first to tell you that it's an impractical choice for many shooters...sort of like 10mm.

  3. msup752

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    I had several, Sig, Glock, and H&K. Loved the round. It is a reloaders dream as it uses 9mm components.
    It is a bit snappy to shoot and I opted to sell them all for 9's. now I can't find primers anywhere so I don't shoot at all.
  4. sdiver35

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    I had a Sig P239 chambered in 357Sig and it was a fun gun to shoot. The shop I purchased it at had old Speer police ammo (frangible) 250 rounds for $60.00. After shooting that up several months later and seeing the price of regular range ammo I had to let her go.

    It does get some peoples attention at an indoor range, but as Sweeper stated the recoil is about the same as a .40S&W.
  5. Overkill0084

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    It's original intent was to attempt to duplicate the .357 Magnum 125 gr JHP load that had an extremely good reputation for stopping power. For the most part, it succeeds (1450 FPS vs. 1600 fps.) It falls a wee bit short, but what's 150 fps among friends.
    For a duty cartridge for LE use, it's not a bad idea. IMHO, for the rest of us who buy our own ammo, it's a bit less appealing. Especially when you consider that hot-rod 9 mm +P+ ammo is only a whisker less potent. Hell, I reload and I don't really find it that appealing.
    If I were to desire an expensive, hard to find semi auto cartridge, I think 10 mm would be a heck of a lot more entertaining.
  6. jeepejeep

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    I have a Glock 32 in 357 SIG and enjoy it a lot. Ammo is more expensive than most but it's accurate and powerful. I'm glad to have one and if someone ever comes out with a carbine, I'd buy it.