.357 rounds in a S&W model 19?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by G-Mann, Jan 14, 2010.

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    It has been one hard subject on basing my conclusion on whether or not one can subject a S&W model 19 to a very rich diet of .357 caliber ammo. May I also add that including the 125gr bullet. I have long heard that such a gun should only shoot .357 on occasion, while others state that if you want to spend the extra money, that "any" being it 110gr-158gr factory load should perform well without even long term negative results. For me, I know in true fact that back in the early 70's to late 70's, that many of the police did in fact carry the Smith model 19, and that indeed used rounds made by Super Vel "Police Only" round rated at 110gr.JHP. in .357. I never concluded on the end results on such a round through a 19. I am not saying that I will ever use such a round but..... Can I use say a .125 gr. .357 JHP in a model 19 without having fear of damaging such a fine gun say at a 50 to 50 ratio between that and a standard .38?