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.357 Max

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Are there any .357 Max owners out there? Its a fun calibre to shoot and reload for.I have hunted with success,once. After that i chose to go with a scoped sup.redhawk 44m. I have more fun at 50yds,outdoors.
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I wish. Years ago I looked around for someone to customize a lever carbine to .357 Max. Everyone said it could not be done -- that the clearances didn't allow it reliably, and that I was about 20 years too late. Apparently everyone had been looking to do this a generation ago!

When i bought it around 87,i wanted a companion rifle too and none could be found.The increase in accuracy might of saved it.Now in the hands of CZ USA its hard to say if i can get parts, since it isnt making revolvers,only 1911 variants with the dan wesson brand.
Try to find you a Dan wesson revolver. prices are better and your not giveing up strenght . Option on barrels lenghts too. Have you tried 360DW brass yet?
have one for my t/c contender and love it, very accurate. with 180-210 gr. bullets it is real close to 240 gr. 44's.
For a companion rifle you might look into an H&R 357 single shot and have it re-chambered.
I have about 600 new 357 max brass still from the clinton/reno era.I agree its touchy to reload,and have experienced a few problems.It still is fun to shoot,but wish i would of bought an extra 8"barrel. i always set at .002 because of top strap cutting.Im very impressed at the expert advice given on this subject.
I have a Dan Wesson .357 supermax most fun gun to shoot while it's getting dark. My avatar is the gun.
The Maximum isn't that touchy to reload; you just can't consider it a lengthened Magnum. Part of the problem is reload data has always been centered around the defunct Ruger Maximum Blackhawk which handicaps the cartridge in both oal and operating pressure. To top it off, SAAMI recently lowered the operating pressure to 40 kpsi for no apparent reason. Former data was at the original .357 Magnum levels of 43-46 kpsi (the Blackhawk loads) but original data for Contenders, Sevilles and Dan Wessons., when you can find it, is at 48-51 kpsi. At these levels, the Maximum comes close to .357 Herrett/.35 Remington power.
.360 Dan Wesson brass is not available; Starline quit producing it years ago. The only reason for using it would be to use long-nosed bullets meant for the .35 Remington. If you are going to do that, measure the bullet you want to use and trim Maximum brass to the proper length for it to fit in the cylinder. FYI, the Lyman #358627 215gr SWC and the Hornady 180gr XTP both have a second groove to create longer oal cartridges. Beartooth Bullets makes a 180gr WLN+P and 210gr LFN that measure .450" from crimp groove to nose.
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I agree, I don't consider the .357 Maxi round as hard to reload. My favorite load is; Speer 180gr TMJ, with 18gr IMR4227 & CCI 400 primers. I haven't run this load though a chronograph, so I can't attest to bullet speed.
I have a Dan Wesson too...:)

And this isn't a factory Pac case, I made this myself.
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Really nice set. I missed the boat for getting different barrel/shroud combos.I have enough ammo to keep it from becoming a curio.
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