.357 damage ear drums

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    I am concerned about having my .357 seriously damage my eardrums and permanently damage my hearing if I was to ever have to use it in a self-defense situation since multiple fires from it without ear protection would probably make me not able to hear for at least 6 hours. Does anyone have a good solution to this problem? Thx
  2. matt g

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    Practice enough that you only need to use one shot? When do you think you'll need to drop 6 targets?

    I've run M60s and M249s for days on end with no ear plugs. I have a slight hearing loss, but nothing that is that bad. 6 or 12 rounds through a .357 won't significantly damage your hearing permanently.

  3. Jay

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    It's been well documented that shooting firearms can generate noise levels around 140+ db. Osha recommends that hearing protection be worn when noise levels approach 85+ db. ANY exposure to loud noises CAN damage hearing permanantly. This damage is cumulative, and can be measured, but not always noticed by the shooter.

    If you've not been exposed to a great amount of loud noise, you may not suffer much noticeable loss from jut one incident.

    Everyone is different...... my ears may just ring for a while, and another guy may go deaf. If you choose to use a firearm in self defense in your home, you must be willing to accept whatever hearing loss results from discharging a firearm inside.
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    357 Mags

    PLEASE...unless your life depends on it, NEVER fire any firearm without hearing protection....permanent damage will result !

    357 Mag is an OK choice for defense but repeat shots on target with Mag ammo is both LOUD and difficult.....many police departments learned this the hard way. Add the blinding flash....maybee consider adding another pistol to your arsenal.....with night sights !
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    I have to second what dgunsmith said!

    Hearing loss can be subtle but is PERMANENT. There are other weapons that deliver incredible energy on the target with less noise and flash!

    I find that electronic stereo hearing protectors are great - I can increase the volume to hear the slightest sound, but they still cut all sounds above 90 decibels ( even slamming a car door! ). I may not have time to put them on in a home emrgency, but I keep them beside my 4 magazine reloads just in case!

    Yes, I know 4 Glock 17 round 9mm magazines are a bit much, but I ran out of ammo once during a particularly bad ambush, and vowed I would never run out of ammo again!

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    Worried about hearing loss in a self defense situation? I think I would take a little hearing loss to save my life.
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    Huh??? You say you lost your bearing? STOP blowing that constant whistle! Ditto in self defense it don't matter. I used to never wear hearing protection - after all the Duke never did. Wished I could say all those years on the range did not have their affect, but truth is, the left ear is shot (no pun). My wife compensates by trying to be on my right side and sitting next to me in restaurants instead of across. I've even ordered food without realizing it, waiter was telling me what was on special and I just nodded. No doubt a hearing aid is in my near future. If its life or death it don't matter - if it is hole in paper or an offending Pepsi can, use hearing protection
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    If you're that worried about your hearing, you could just let them kill you. :D
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    Until you have fired a shot in anger you will not get this. You will not hear much more than a pop when your life is on the line. The adrenaline will cause some weird things to happen. Your peripheral vision goes away (tunnel vision). Your fine motor skills go to he!! in a handbasket. You will get a condition called auditory exclusion. You cant hear sh!t. After the fight is over your ears do not ring. There are no detectable effects on your hearing in the minutes/hours after firing a shot (or 30) in anger.
    Practice with hearing protection. Don't sweat it for the real deal.
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    Its better to be deaf than dead! Even if you fired 6 shots, you wont notice any noticeable loss in hearing. Like everyone else said, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION WHEN PRACTICEING!!! By the way, 357 is an excellent round for H.D. I will be getting one for my wife(she will shoot 38Spcl through it).
  11. hillbilly68

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    Don't worry about it, you won't even hear the gun go off. The limited noise will likely not cause any permanent damage to your hearing. They will be ringing like crazy, but it will go away. It takes protracted exposure or very extreme exposure. Please ALWAYS wear hearing protection when you are training. You can't "get used to" the noise by training without hearing protection. Remember your training, recoil and noise will be the last thing on your mind.
  12. DoubleAction

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    Always insist on using the compressed type ear plugs, to plug up the ear canal, and the outer muffs. This will help prevent any irreversible hearing loss.
  13. Flint Rock

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    Always use hearing protection, shooting, cutting the grass, your wife yelling at you, etc, etc. Always, unless it's life and death, then just stay alive. The 2 or 3 rounds that save your life won't kill your hearing.
  14. DoubleAction

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    If the wife snores, keep a set of plugs by the bed.
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    What was that? did you say something?
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    does it kick to bad also? are your bullets to shiny and blind you when putting them in? is the gun to heavy? barrel to short? sheesh
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    i did not hear any of that come again
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    hearing loss

    To begin with you may never fire in self defense and what a thing to worry about! Yesuse hearing protection; ears ringing=damage done! Have "artillery ears" from too much time around howitzers w/o hearing protection; also used to go to .50 range(loved shooting old Ma Deuce) and had ears ringing for a number of days; audiologist says damage done! Now wearing two hearing aids; do I wear hearing protection when I shoot? You bet!