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    I know all the pros and cons of each, but I'm going to ask any how.
    I have a Taurus 650 357 magnum 5 shot DAO snubby that I'm looking at trading for a Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry model 380 ACP. Yes it's weaker but I could carry it better. Right now Im in a situation that really limits what I can tote. So I've weighed everything out on hundreds of different guns and this is the choices. My revolver is fine but I have a hard time hiding speed loaders. 5 shots is never enough in my opinion. The Thunder is an awesome weapon but i don't know if I want to give up my 357. That's why I'm asking for ya'll's help today. I have carried a regular Thunder 380 and I loved it only the cc version will be even more comfortable and better to conceal. Also, to mention, that the Bersa will be brand new in the box. This making it worth what my snub nose is, in used condition. Plus I didn't think to say that I love to trade and I'm about ready for a new something, and I can't afford to go out and buy one right now. Also keep in mind that once things head in the right direction I will be carrying a different primary making this my back up weapon. So in your mind which one would be a better all around choice. Oh... one more thing. I forgot to say that I spend alot of time at the range so 380 is definately cheaper than 357 or 38 ammo.

    Thanking you in advance!
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  2. danf_fl

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    I can't help much, but hear me out.
    In my state, I have found that I have to be adaptable to what I am doing, where I am going.
    1st, you should carry a gun. Which gun, depends on the situation.
    2nd, you should be well versed with whatever you decide to carry.
    3rd, as you found out, one type of gun may not meet the needs all the time, but can meet the needs part of the time.

    Keep both.

  3. IDVague

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    Find a way to keep both. You will regret it if you don't. Buy the Bersa used to reduce the cost, cut back on range time a while to save a little more, eat rice and beans for a month. Whatever it takes.
  4. spittinfire

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    Why not speed strips rather then loaders? Before you unload one I would try to pick up the other and give a try.
  5. c3shooter

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    Better check ammo prices. You may be unpleasantly surprised- 380 is pricy.
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    There is a big difference in the two weapons and a huge difference in the rounds they use. I really do not think thee difference in capacity outweighs the difference in the capabilities of the two weapons. If it was me I think I'd look for alternative ways to make the revolver work for you. In reality a full cylinder and a speed strip and you're packing as many as 11 rounds. And truth be told if the situation arises that you need that weapon that's not a bad situation ammo wise. Outside of police I have not heard al that many stories where a person needed 11+ rounds to defend themselves. Unless you're just spraying ammo all around a well placed 357 round will get things pretty well settled in a timely manner. And do so at ranges well beyond what any 380 is going to be effective. Speed strips are going ot be no harder to hide than an extra Bersa mag too.

    I'm not bashing the Bersa pistols. I've owned a couple over the years and they worked as well as can be expected. Especially for the price. But they are very inexpensive so the idea of keeping your revolver and obtaining the Thunder 380 should not be really hard to pull off.
  7. freefall

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    You might want to take a quick squint at the Ruger SR9c. Almost as compact as my Kel Tec PF9 but made by Ruger, therefore probably a damn solid piece of ordinance.
  8. NGIB

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    I swap guns all the time and I'd have no problem with the trade you mention - but I'm not a fan of Taurus either. Most folks I know that carry snubbies, even in .357, usually load them with .38s anyway. I have no problem carrying a .380 and I do most days...
  9. rugermatt

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    wow, are in a war zone with that extra mag in your belt? 5 shots of .38 is enough to protect yourself from a bad situation in my opinion. i do have a speed loader in the truck just because. most gun fights are only a couple shots, and a .380 just don't have enough umgh for me. i would look to a 9mm over the .380 in a semi-auto. the same round with more stopping power. i'm with free fall on the sr9 or pf9. also .380 has been hard to come by at times, and isn't really any cheaper than 9mm.
  10. robocop10mm

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    IMHO these two guns are totally different classes. Not just because one is a wheel gun and the other is a semi-auto. The .357 has an excellent reputation as a man stopper. The .380 has a dismal rep in that arena.

    Generally trading "up" to an auto means gaining capacity. You will not be gaining much capacity and will be giving up a BUNCH in power. Kind of like trading a diesel 3/4 ton lick up for a mini Toyota pick up. Yes it is handier and more maneuverable, but it just does not have the capacity to get the job done.
  11. NGIB

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    I based most of my response on this quote from the OP's post. Personally, I have little faith in Taurus products. I've owned 2 of the Bersa's and they are reliable and accurate guns - they make a nice backup.

    Lots of opinions in this post. If nobody needs more than 5 shots, I doubt we'd need all the high capacity semi-autos currently being sold and carried. As far as most gun fights being a couple of shots - can't say as I've never been in one. I do know I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it...
  12. rugermatt

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    that is a really good comparison robocop, it really sums it up. Taurus i think is just cheaper copycats of better guns also.
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  13. Gojubrian

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    I'd keep the .357. >380 is way too expensive for what it is and I have no confidence in it. Robo summed the comparison up nicely.

    Spittinfire also mentioned bianchi speed strips, much easier to carry than speedloaders. :)
  14. diggsbakes

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    I'll throw my 2cents in and recommend that you hold off on any purchase or trade in that realm and save up some cash for a "permanent" gun. . .

    Go for something that you'll have (or could have) forever and be damn proud to show off and feel warm and fuzzy when you put it on in the morning.