350 Remington Magnum

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    568DEC5C-E209-40B6-8FC8-96338A8F95BB.jpeg 9AD97E9D-5DE5-42CE-BAA8-DC79B5711CD7.jpeg
    I have decided to bring the 660 (bottom photo) out of retirement and hunt with it this year.
    The top one is a model 673 that has had maybe 4? Rounds through it (I can’t remember the count, I’ve slept since then).
    Anyway it looks like I’ll be taking her out on her first date in quite sometime. I hope she still remembers how to dance.
    Anyone have an oldie but a goodie they haven’t hunted with in awhile. Post up some pics and give us a little background. We love pictures on this forum.
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    My first LE Sniper Rifle on the Metro PD. Interarms MK-X. (10)With Zeiss Scope. Put it in the gun case in 1986 or 87 when we all got new Remington LE 700 PSS Rifles. Had a chance to buy it in 2018. It had never been fired since I put it up in the Armory. Still had my Round Count Book, Range Cards and writing on the two Ammo Boxes. One of the original Boxes is in the picture. There were two boxes in the case as was when I left it. Not only is it a fantastically accurate Rifle but of the highest quality and definitely has some sentimental value! I had two sniper rifles after HER! The first being the Remington 700 PSS and later a Remington 40X which I retired with.
    Interarms MK X Sniper Rifle.JPG
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    Very Cool Sniper!
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    An old model 88 Winchester in .284 win that belonged to my dad. Maybe I'll hunt with it Saturday if I can get a chance to sight it in again.
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