35 essential things ?

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    How many of you have watched the video link in the advertising banner at the top of the page titled somthing like 35 essential foods or somthing.

    Anyone have any guesses as to what the top ones would be. Lets see if we can hit the list

    Grain ?
    ect ect ????
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    I tried and after an hour or two of invested time I finally realized the salesman was never gonna do anything than offer to sell you something, like the list itself...

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    Here are the 37 food items that sell out after a crisis.
    1. Water: Bottled water is obviously one of the first things that will sell out after a crisis. While some of the items on this list are not absolute necessities, water is something that is essential to survival. Water is one of the first items that will sell out after a crisis, so you want to keep water on hand. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests having enough food and water on hand to last for two weeks. Water, however, is something that you will absolutely need. If the crisis lasts two weeks, you’ll need two week’s worth of water. If the crisis lasts two months, you’ll need two months’ worth of water. Storing enough water for a long term crisis can be difficult. For that reason it is important to have plans in place that allow you to collect water. As part of your emergency preparedness, you should consider rainwater and underground water collection systems. You should also purchase very high quality water filters. Making such plans could truly mean the difference between life and death should circumstances make it impossible to get drinkable water any other way.
    2. Pasta: Pasta is filling, nutritious and has a long shelf life. It is easy to store and, if needed, can be taken with you should you need to leave your home. Another plus is that pasta is fairly inexpensive, so it is an item that is easy to add to your storage even if you are on a tight budget.
    3. Rice: This grain, a staple of any good emergency food storage, has a variety of cooking uses, and steaming rice can be done on virtually any type of stove. Uncooked rice has a very long shelf-life when properly stored.
    4. Canned soups: Canned soups taste good, can be prepared on any type of stove and have a long shelf life. It is easy to store a variety of flavors and many of the soups are filling and provide a good amount of nutrition.
    5. Canned meats: While canned meat might not be your first choice, it is a great option when you want to store meat for the long term. Canned roast beef, ham and chicken can be heated on any type of stove and then used in a variety of filling and nutritious dishes.
    6. Canned veggies: You can purchase canned veggies or can your own. Either way, these are a staple in any good food storage. You need the nutrition that vegetables provide, yet getting fresh vegetables can be very difficult during a time of crisis. Remember, if you do not have a garden, now is a good time to start one. This will provide you with items that you will able to use in canning and will also provide a renewable source of food.
    7. Canned fruit: Coming by fresh fruits may be nearly impossible during certain types of crisis situations. Something as simple as a truck driver’s strike could make it difficult to get fresh fruit in many parts of the country. Canned fruit has a good shelf life, is easy to store and requires no preparation.
    8. Popcorn: Popcorn is a food that will sell out quickly during a crisis for a number of reasons. It is a tasty treat that is not only healthy, but is a comfort food for kids. Because it has a long shelf life and is very easy to store and prepare, it makes sense to include a supply of popcorn in your food storage.
    9. Salt: Salt has an extremely long shelf life, is very easy to store and is an important part of baking and cooking most meals. Salt has other uses besides being a delicious addition to many foods. It can also increase the shelf life of vegetables and can be used to clean up spills without the need to use potentially harmful chemicals.
    10. Milk (condensed or powdered): Milk is a staple in cooking and baking and you’ll need it if you have cereal in your storage. Of course, you will not be able to keep a supply of fresh milk on hand, but condensed and powdered milk both store easily, have a long shelf life (powdered milk has a longer shelf life than condensed milk) and can be used for cooking, baking and drinking.
    11. Cereal: Cereal is easy to prepare, has a fairly long shelf life and is a quick and easy meal that your kids will eat without a fuss. You will want to choose nutritious cereals rather than those that are heavy on the sugar.
    12. Beef jerky: Beef jerky has an extremely long shelf life, is easy to store and carry, and tastes delicious. You can buy beef jerky or you can learn to make your own. This is one of the most survival-friendly foods around. For a healthier version, you can substitute turkey for beef.
    13. Grains: A variety of grains are an important part of any food storage. Barrels of wheat from ancient Greece were found that were still good. Of course, proper storage is key, but grains in general have a very long shelf life. They are very nutritious and can be used in baking, made into cereals and used in a variety of other ways. Shortly after a crisis, or anytime a potential crisis is looming, sellers of whole grains often sell out and/or the prices shoot up. Buy now before the rush is on.
    14. Cooking oil: Cooking oil is necessary in cooking and you’ll need it if you are cooking over an open flame to avoid scorching your food.
    15. Sports drinks: Sports drinks are a great source of energy. If you are working outside, especially in the heat, your body loses electrolytes which can be replaced with sport’s drinks.
    16. Nuts: Many nuts have a long shelf life and are a comfort food item as well as being nutritious. You can also use nuts along with grains and dried fruits to make a delicious trail mix.
    17. Pickles: Pickled cucumbers are probably the first thing that comes to mind, but you can pickle just about anything including meat, vegetables and eggs. You can certainly buy pickled items at the grocery store, but it is also very easy to do it yourself. Experiment with different spices so that you can have a variety of flavors in your stockpile.
    18. Dried fruits: Dried fruits have a long shelf life, are easy to store and they taste great. Dried fruits can be used in creating trail mixes and other snacks and are great on cereals as well.
    19. Spices: Spices can help turn your emergency meals from bland to delicious. Spices typically store well and have a long shelf life. In addition to adding some flavor to your meals, some spices can help to keep your family healthy. For example, including some garlic in your diet each day can boost your immune system. Staying healthy during a
    Even if you do not typically spend time outside now, that could change during a crisis. For that reason, stocking up on sport’s drinks is a good idea.
    37 food items SO LD OUT AFTE R CRISIS
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    crisis is more important than ever, because getting medicine or seeing a doctor may be more difficult.
    20. Honey: Honey never goes bad if properly stored. It can be used in baking and in sweetening cereals.
    21. Crackers: Crackers are a great snack, store well and many types have a very long shelf life. Choose whole grain crackers whenever possible.
    22. Baking essentials: Baking essentials, including flour, sugar, baking soda and baking powder, will sell out quickly after a crisis. These items are vital for preparing the basic foods, such as breads. When people realize there is a crisis, they will know that these basic staples will soon be hard to find and will quickly empty the shelves.
    23. Power Bars: Many types of power bars have a long shelf and make a good, nutritious snack. It is best to avoid bars that are chocolate covered. These will not store well and, obviously, the chocolate will melt quickly in the heat.
    24. Instant rice: While you should store regular rice, a supply of instant rice can be quite convenient. With a little boiling water and three to five minutes of time, your rice will be ready.
    25. Coffee: Not only will coffee sell out quickly after a crisis but, since it is not considered essential by many, restocking it will not be a priority. If you are a coffee addict – or just enjoy a cup with breakfast – keep a supply on hand.
    26. Alcohol: Many are surprised to see alcohol in the list, but you should include alcohol in your food storage even if you don’t drink. Jack Daniels is a great choice. In addition to being a bit of a stress reliever, it can also be used for medicinal purposes, such as cauterizing wounds and relieving pain. It is also a wonderful bartering item.
    27. Hard candies: Hard candies have a good shelf life, are easy to store and can provide a quick burst of energy. They are also a nice treat to keep in your storage. Hard candy can easily be brought with you should you need to evacuate.
    28. Dehydrated canned entrees: Dehydrated canned entrees are a good addition to your food storage, but should not make up the majority of your food storage. These are meals that have an extremely long shelf life and all you need to prepare them is some hot water.
    29. Juice powders: Some juice powders contain vitamin C. Mix with water and you’ll have a healthy and delicious drink.
    30. Protein drinks: If you can’t get a full meal, a protein drink can provide you with the nutrition that you need to get by. These drink mixes usually have a very long shelf life and come in a variety of flavors.
    31. Peanut butter: Peanut butter is cheap, easy to store, has a long shelf life, is nutritious and filling and – and important bonus – most kids love it!
    32. Long lasting treats (Twinkies, Pop Tarts etc…): Some snack foods have a long shelf life. While the myth that Twinkies will last for years is just that, a myth, they do last longer than most baked goods. Other snacks, such as Pop Tarts have a shelf life of several months or even a couple of years. While these items are not necessary to survival, including comfort items in your food storage is important. And, yes, such comfort items will sell out quickly after a crisis.
    33. Salsa: Salsa is a great food storage addition because it has a long shelf life, and it is a nutritious food made from vegetables. Use salsa to give some flavor to powdered eggs or add to rice and canned chicken for a delicious meal.
    34. Ramen noodles: Ramen noodles are lightweight, cheap, have a long shelf life and are quite filling. On the down side, they pack a LOT of sodium. Still, they are easy to prepare and will be one of the first foods to sell out after a crisis.
    35. Fresh Fruit: You might be surprised to see fresh fruit on this list. Grocery stores get fresh produce delivered on a daily basis. If the supply line in interrupted, there will be none. While you cannot store fresh fruit for the long term, it will be nice to have some during the first few days of the crisis before you have to start using your dried and canned fruits.
    36. Baby food/special needs food items: Within a few hours after a crisis, baby food and other specialty foods are likely to be gone from the shelves. This is of particular concern because, obviously, these items are very important. Having a good supply of such items is absolutely essential.
    37. Pet food: If you don’t have pet food on hand, you will have no other choice than to share your food supplies with your pet.
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    Ahh thank you ,, guess those are the 35 things they were refering to.