.338 UM Vs. .30-06

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    I have a chance to pick up an R700, there are two of them for sale down the street in great shape, both identical except one is chambered in .30-06 and the other chambered in .338 UM.

    So I can’t find much info on the .338 UM … the only thing I could find is that is has roughly 4.5 times the recoil of a .30-06. I even wiki’d, googled, etc the .338 UM and still found next to nothing.

    So what are the differences between a .338 UM and a .30-06? Pro’s, con’s?

    Also I found nothing on this site with the search term .338 UM ... is that the same as the .338 Lap-something?

    Thanks for the advice and answers.
  2. Wambli

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    I will make a leap of faith here and assume you are refering to the .338 RUM (Remington Ultra Mag). The RUM is a great cartridge for elk, moose, bison and dangerouse game like Alaska brown bear. It is also a fantastic long range round in rifles designed for that endeavor. It has a small but rabid following and it is probably in the rack because the previous owner could not handle it.

    It is NOT a cartridge/gun combo I would ever recommend for a new shooter or a person that is not used to firing heavy recoiling rifles but in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing and for it's intended purpose it is a GREAT round. Most folks would be much better served by the 30-06.

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    The .30-06 has been around since 1906. (Caliber: .30 Year: '06) It is a common caliber and available everywhere. .338RUM, not so much. If the SHTF, it will be much easier to come across '06 than it will be to find .338 of any kind.

    If you want a dedicated long distance rifle (really long distance) than maybe the .338 is for you. My feeling is that the .30-06 will pretty much do anything and take any game animal in the Lower 48.
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    I personally wouldn't put the two calibers in the same leage of each other. The 06 is a great rifle for darn near anything in North America when kept inside 400 yards. The RUM reaches out quite a bit further and packs a lot more punch. I would reach for a 338 to take on a deer, elk, or black bear hunt but if you like chasing brown bear, pass the 338.
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    I'd go with the 30-06. Its extremely popular so ammo is easy to find and there are a lot of different types ypu can get. A good box of Hornady SST bullets is about $25-$30. It has a max effective range of 800-1000 meters (super high quality rifles made just for long range shooting, The Remington Model 700's max range is probably closer to about 800 yards for smaller game), and can be used to hunt large game. (not sure about moose and grizzly but anything smaller is probably just fine).

    The .338 RUM is hard to find (Cabelas only had two types on their website), It will cost about $76 for a box of 20, It's great for very long range shooting, and is used for very large, very dangerous game.

    A 30-06 has a pretty hard kick so if a .338 RUM has a kick that is 4.5 times harder, it would probably knock most people on their butt. Especially if it is their first time shooting a rifle like that and don't know what to expect.:eek:

    If you plan on hunting very large game or going on african safaris, go with the .338 RUM, otherwise I would go with the 30-06 for a great all around gun.:D

    Hope this helps and don't forget to post a pic.:D
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    It will be mostly for range shooting and possible deer hunting if I can make it out to western parts of the state where rifle hunting is allowed. I was really just asking because I didn't find out much about the .338 UM round so I was curious, and the rifles at the gun shop are both the same price/condition/options.