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    What do you all think about the recently introduced .338 Federal cartridge now that it has been around for a year or so? I bought one in Ruger mdl 77 Hawkeye and put a Bushnell 3X9X40 Elite 3200 on it. Thus far have only shot Federal Fusion factory loads through it, but impressed with the handling qualities of the rifle itself, the mild recoil and the accuracy.

    I bought it for bear hunting over bait, a possible 2nd moose hunt etc. however after shooting it, I think I may just take it deer hunting also. Anyone else had any experience with it on big game?, or shot any loads through it except the Fusion?

    Good results?
    Bad results?
    very jnpressed? or take it or leave it>

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    I have yet to see a 338 federal round. I think it would be an excellent deer round.

  3. 338 Federal

    Perfect all around round. Most game is taken within 200 yard and at that range this the perfect recipe. I have a Tika T-3 in this round and have been handloading it for 8 months. Just neck up 308 brass and your set!! I've come up with 3 levels of loads that can't be beat. Dropped a mule deer at 130 yards last year and it was dead before it hit the ground.