.327 Federal Magnum

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    Funny...my $1100 (that's expensive in my book) S&W Model 29 .44mag Dirty Harry gun (with cool presentation box) was so horribly manufactured... with poor bluing and sharp edges everywhere that I sold it after two months.

    My two stainless Ruger GP100s (4" .357 and 3" .44spl) have been dreamy

    Different strokes for different folks :)
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    Yeah you rite.
    I have a Ruger SR1911CMD that I really like. I've also read a lot of reviews that tell me that the trigger on the GP100 is much better than on the SP101.

    S&W is having their share of quality problems too from what I read about on their new guns.

    It is truly different strokes thingy.
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    It's loud if you get one without a barrel. Get a reasonable 4 inch barrel, and it's fine.

    Too bad S&W doesn't make a "J" frame in this calibre. OTOH, S&W is so damned proud of their weapons that only a Russian Oligarch or Saudi Prince would be able to afford one.
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