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    My friend currently has a .22 beretta neos. He hasn't been very happy with the gun since he got it and I advised that he look around for something that he could trade for it. I spoke to him today and he said he found someone in FL that would trade for a .32 mag revolver (We live in AZ). I am not even remotely familiar with this caliber. Any insight would be appreciated. As an addendum to this question if he decides to do it the other party has suggested that he will send the frame first, then my friend will send his gun and the other party will complete the trade by sending the cylinder. Is this legal or does it need to go through an FFL. Not sure where he found this person. I will post the manufacture of the revolver after I talk to him next as he wasn't sure the last time I spoke to him. I really don't want him to get screwed over, either legally, or with the firearm. Thanks
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    The frame carries the serial number, and must go through a dealer having a Federal Firearms License. Shipments between two individuals are prohibited. There are provisions for returning to the factory, a gunsmith or dealer, but not between two individuals. If you are still interested, seek out the advice of a dealer.

    As far as the .32 Magnum is concerned, its a nice little cartridge, but unless you load your own ammo, not too good a choice. Factory ammunition is expensive, and you don't find "bargain" ammo as in .38 Special or 9mm. Its a great little cartridge in a Ruger Single Six, but strictly small game and varmints.

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    Federal penitentiary if you get caught. Not worth the risk.
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    The gents above me nailed it. Transfer of ownership of a firearm across a state line requires that the firearm be recieved by a FFL holder. You also cannot MAIL a handgun by US Mail unless you ARE a dealer. Shipping one by UPS Next Day Air will run about $70. He would be better off selling it in his home state, and buying what he wanted.

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    If a .32 is his "cup of tea", he should look for a .327 Federal (magnum). It is available from several manufacturers, and is hotter than .32 mag. A .327 revolver can shoot .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32H&R Magnum, and .327 Federal.